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A Great Start for the JD Golds

May 28th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on A Great Start for the JD Golds)

It’s been an awesome start to the season, JD Golds!  Everyone is showing energy and enthusiasm to go fast!  We’re only two weeks out from Icebreaker!

Our freestyle and backstroke are coming along nicely.  Remember to roll your shoulders, head still, and reach with your arms.  Breathing every three strokes.  Keep pushing off the walls with 3 fast dolphin kicks and in tight STREAMLINE.

Coming up on Icebreaker, we will be focussing on lots of kick and our body position and stroke technique.  This week we will be going over breastroke kick, turns, and starts.  We will also be doing review on our Free and Back.

Make sure you come to warm up with a pair of running shoes and a bottle of water for practice.

Those of you who haven’t handed in your goal sheets yet, please get them to me as soon as possible.  If you haven’t gotten one yet, I have extras on-hand.

I will be starting to take attendance next week, so try to come to as many practices as possible!

I’ll see you guys at the pool

Mock Meet Details

May 27th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Notifier - (Comments Off on Mock Meet Details)
Below are a few updates regarding the Mock Meet happening this Saturday, May 31st at Steveston Pool.
Please do not forget to place your food orders by tomorrowWednesday May 29th. Sign-up is on the website.
We are asking that swimmers arrive at 6:45 am so that we can get sign-in done before warm-ups and cheers begin at 7 am.
There will be two heats of each race for each group respectively. For example, there will be two heats of Junior 50 freestyle, two heats of Intermediate 50 freestyle, and two heats of Senior 50 freestyle. Swimmers will be able to sign up for maximum two events during the sign up period.
The meet will run similar to a normal meet with the JD swimmers racing first, then Junior, followed by Intermediate, and Seniors going last for each event. Please arrive on time at 6:45 am so that we can organize the heats and get the meet started as soon as possible.
The first race will swim at approximately 7:50am, and the final race will finish at approximately 9:20am. This will allow the JDs to eat first, then Juniors, followed by Intermediates, and then Seniors.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email Coach Ava at
Thank you, we hope to see you all at the meet!

Club Updates for May 27th

May 27th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Notifier - (Comments Off on Club Updates for May 27th)
It is so great – we will have more than 160 swimmers at Ice Breaker – we will have about 90% of our swimmers participating.
We have a number of new items for today:
1)  You can get a Shark Club Card from Head Coach Danna that gives you 20% off at the Watermania Swim Shop – see her at the pool if you are interested
2)  We will be starting our dryland training with True Conditioning today.
Dryland times for this week will be:
Junior B: Friday, 5:30-6:00 pm (before practice)
Junior A: Friday, 5:00-5:30pm (after practice)
Intermediate B: Friday, 5:30-6:00pm (before practice)
Intermediate A: Tuesday, 6:30-7:00pm (before practice)
Senior B: Tuesday, 6:30-7:00pm (before practice)
Senior A: 7:30-8:00 pm (before practice)
3)  There are updated group lists posted HERE on the website and the June Practice schedule is posted HERE.  You will see the June practice schedule includes training with True Conditioning.
4)  We are looking for someone to shadow the “Food for Officials” position who would take over the position next year.  We are also looking for 3 volunteers to assist with food preparation in-advance of the Ice Breaker.  If you are interested in either of these opportunities please contact  Joanne Nicholson at – 604-816-8254
5)  We do need help with sponsors.  The Kigoos sponsorship package is posted HERE.  For companies that wish to take full advantage of recognition opportunities, the deadline is this Thursday so that we can ensure inclusion in the Icebreaker program.
It is a busy couple weeks as we lead up to Ice Breaker.  We plan to post the sign-up sheets for volunteers by Friday.

True Conditioning Starts This Week

May 26th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Calendar - (Comments Off on True Conditioning Starts This Week)
We will be starting our dryland training with True Conditioning this week.
Dryland times will be:
Junior B: Friday, 5:30-6:00 pm (after practice)
Junior A: Friday, 5:00-5:30pm (after practice)
Intermediate B: Friday, 5:30-6:00pm (before practice
Intermediate A: Tuesday, 6:30-7:00pm (before practice)
Senior B: Tuesday, 6:30-7:00pm (before practice)
Senior A: 7:30-8:00 pm (before practice)
See the June practice schedule for times starting next week.

Clubs Coming to Ice Breaker

May 26th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Meets - (Comments Off on Clubs Coming to Ice Breaker)

The updated files for club registration are available here: under the Ice Breaker Meet.

June Swim Practice Schedule and Updated Swim Groups

May 26th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Calendar - (Comments Off on June Swim Practice Schedule and Updated Swim Groups)

The June Practice Schedule is now posted:

The updated Swim Groups are also now posted:



Coach Danna with Some Club Updates

May 26th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Danna with Some Club Updates)

It’s been a crazy first couple of weeks, but it seems like we are settling down into our groups. I love seeing such a good turnout (how could there not be with our sunny days?), especially in the JD and Intermediate A groups. I encourage everyone to come out to morning practices as well – I know many of your are busy and have to get to school, but it’s a great time to work on technique and get some more feedback from your coach.

We are two weeks away from the first meet of our season, the Icebreaker! Make sure you’re finishing your lengths properly, working your turns, and going your hardest when your coaches ask you to go fast.

The June schedule is in effect starting next Monday. You’ll notice that you’ll have some extra dryland training incorporated (yoga with Makki and strength training with True Conditioning). I know it’s even more of a time commitment, but we are really lucky to be working with these two, and you’ll see even more improvement of your swimming if you make it out.

A couple of reminders:

  • Don’t forget your waterbottles and sunscreen! It’s super easy to forget how dehydrated or burnt you can get when swimming, so make sure you protect yourself from the sun and stay hydrated!
  • The coaches and I would like to see swimmers in running shoes and proper dryland attire for warm-up, to prevent injury and to have the proper range of motion.
  • Remember to sign-up for the Mock Meet and the Icebreaker – start your season off right!


See you on deck,


The JD Silvers are onto Breaststroke

May 26th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on The JD Silvers are onto Breaststroke)

Hey JD Silver! I cannot believe we are already heading into our last week of May!


Last weeks comments:

I am very impressed with how we are able to use the clock to start ourselves. I am pleased to report that we hardly had any goggle issues this week.

Our dives are coming along great; almost all of you tried them off the blocks!

However, we definitely need to keep working on our touch turns and streamlines off walls


New this week:

This week we are going to start reviewing breastroke!

I will also be expecting underwater dolphin kicks to begin each length.

We are also going to be heavily focusing on our breathing for freestyle, which means just quick breathes on your side not on our backs


Reminders: Next week I am going to start taking attendance, please come to dryland on time. Keep checking the website for meet sign ups!

Coach Leo and the Week Ahead for the Intermediate B’s

May 25th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Leo and the Week Ahead for the Intermediate B’s)

Icebreaker is quickly approaching in 2 weeks and our focus will be shifting from backstroke to breaststroke and butterfly for the next two weeks. By now, I hope you understand the importance of the streamline and the underwater dolphin kick and their relevance in freestyle and backstroke. Remember that a swimmer’s velocity is fastest off the diving blocks and he or she will immediately slow down upon entering into the water after the dive. Holding a proper streamline in the water reduces drag (picture a javelin whizzing through the air compared to a parachute), and dolphin kicking serves the purpose of maintaining the speed from our dive. We often overlook these two basic skills because they seem so simple, but swimmers who are consistent at both these skills create a greater opportunity for themselves to win during races. 

This answers my previous question in last week’s blog “How do you move in the water without wasting your energy?”. Transferring the momentum gained from your dive and maintaining it using your streamline and dolphin kick allows you a better start right from the beginning. Swim fast by swimming smartly.  

This past week, we worked a lot on backstroke despite having a shorter week. As a group, we need to strengthen our backstroke kick a lot more. Remember to kick right underneath the water surface and DON’T EVER STOP KICKING! You might be able to rely solely on your pull in freestyle, but your legs and torso will begin to sink the moment you stop kicking in backstroke. 

To recap the 3 main points of backstroke:
1) Strong kick – extremely important, establishes core balance and generates lift 
2) Straight arms – for the catch, no bent elbows, keep arms always in motion 
3) Neutral head position – look up to the sky, not towards your feet or the wall ahead

This week we will focus on breaststroke and butterfly. We will maximize the efficiency of our underwater pull in breaststroke and work on our timing in butterfly using fins. We will continue to review our freestyle and backstroke and further practice our turns and dives. The more practices you attend, the quicker you become used to the water! Hope to see you in the mornings too! See you this week.    

Below are two videos on the breaststroke underwater pull and butterfly timing.

• *IMPORTANT* Icebreaker Meet Sign-up deadline is TOMORROW (May 26)
• Bring your runners and water bottle to all practices! I cannot bring you to play capture the flag unless everyone does this! 
• It was a pleasure to meet some of the parents during our meeting on Saturday

Tater Tots Summer Swim Program

May 25th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Notifier | Registration - (Comments Off on Tater Tots Summer Swim Program)

What to expect:


This seven week intensive swim program is designed for young swimmers to learn and build on the fundamentals of swimming. While this program aims to help younger children be more comfortable in the water, and to establish the key fundamental skills in swimming that are necessary to improve quickly, this program is not meant as direct stepping stone into our Junior Development program and should not be treated as such.


Preference will be given to younger siblings of Kigoos families as well as Kigoos Alumni on a first come, first serve basis. All swimming will be done in the small teaching pool at Steveston Outdoor Pool.


Due to limited pool space we only have room for a total of 18 swimmers. Each session is 30 minutes long and your swimmer will be assigned either the first or second half hour of the stated times and will be notified once registration is complete. The cost of the program is $100 and includes a Kigoos t-shirt




MondayWednesdayFriday from June 16th until July 30th (no sessions on Wednesday, July 9th or 23rd).  There are a total of 18 sessions.  Each session will be 30 minutes.  The program runs from 5 – 6 pm and swimmers will be assigned to the first or second half hour.


Please note:


Swimmers are expected to be on deck and ready to swim at the posted time. They should have goggles and a swim suit. Parents must be on deck for the duration of the practice to care for their child if needed.


The deadline for registration is Monday, June 9th (or until the program sells out)


For more information contact Coach Ava by email at  Click HERE to register.  Participants will be notified which timeslot they are assigned to no later than the end of the day on June 11th.