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Julia’s Junior B Blog for the Week

July 7th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Julia’s Junior B Blog for the Week)

Hello Junior Bs…

It is crazy to believe that there is only one more month left of our summer swim season! I’m so happy with how we have been swimming lately at swim meets (lots of time off!), and for the most part our practices have been getting much better – we are more focused and I can clearly see our improvements each day. A huge congratulations to Adrian C who made finals in 50 fly this weekend at the Hootenanny, as well as Sofia L who made finals in 100 free and then proceeded to move up two spots and take 6 seconds off her time! Our training is paying off and we will only continue to get better.

This week we will be working on a little bit of everything, as it never hurts to review. This means all four strokes, turns and dives, breakouts and finishes, and we will continue doing more sprint sets at practices. Breakouts and turns can especially make or break our races, so we are going to spend lots of time doing all we can to make them even more quick and efficient while still doing them properly. Please remember to bring a water bottle as it is getting hotter outside and it is best to stay hydrated while being active under the sun. Let’s keep the enthusiasm and effort strong as we dive into another week!

On another note, this week we have the JD meet on Wednesday at Steveston Pool, so there will be no practices. Good luck to those of you attending! On Thursday, it is buddy breakaway, so there are no regular practices as well. This is a fun event that I recommend all should attend, and there is more information on the Kigoos website as well as in the Kigoos notifier emails.

This upcoming swim meet (Surrey, July 12-13) is my weekend off, so I will not be there. The other coaches will be your “Julia” for the day, but I’ll be excited to hear how you guys swam when I get back!

I’m proud of all your hard work so far, and I’m excited to see how much more awesome this month of July can get.

See you on deck!

Here is a picture from the Canada day parade last week. It was lots of fun and thanks for coming out and bearing the hot weather!


Julia Blog

Coach Leo and Intermediate B’s Week Ahead

July 7th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Leo and Intermediate B’s Week Ahead)

Hi Intermediate B’s, 

The UBC Meet is one of the biggest meets we compete in during summer swimming apart from Regionals and Provincials.  For the past two weeks, our two key words were CONSISTENCY and EFFICIENCY. Great swimmers are fast because their strokes are efficient and consistent. You know that intense moment when everyone is swimming head-to-head then suddenly that one swimmer pulls ahead and wins the race by a whole body length? How can you do it when it is so tiring? Well… by kicking off the walls hardest and fastest, maintaining that speed using streamline and W.U.B, and maximizing distance with each stroke by their quick turnover and long reach. All of this is only possible if through daily practice!  

Incredible performance at the UBC Meet from everyone!  You were able to apply the W.U.B to all your races and your best times are an indication of your efforts. Here are the highlights.

UBC  Swimmer of the Meet

Most outstanding performance: Seraphina T
Most improved (time): Teri R 
Most improved (technique): Justin Y & Austin Y & Rajan L 

Congratulations to:
• Seraphina achieved best times in all her events. What is impressive is that she has been achieving best times in every race since Ice Breaker! She took off 3 seconds in  100m Breast, and is only 3s away from an “A” Time in 100m Free and 100m Breast. Keep up the great effort, Seraphina! 
• Teri took off a total of 18.12s. She took off 7.22s in 100m Back, 6.57s in 50m Fly. Well done! 
• Justin and Austin applied the W.U.B consistently into all their races and have greatly increased their stroke rate. Importantly, they constantly reflect on their races afterwards to improve their strokes. Rajan is using a more efficient pull which resulted in taking off 5.68s in 50m Fly. 

We will now shift our focus from our initial portion of the race (Streamline + W.U.B) to our mid-portion. The Key Word for this week is POWER. After we initiate our Break-out, we must have power in our strokes to create speed. This is also the area where swimmers pull ahead in their races and where your arms feel extremely heavy by the last 25m. We will also focus on dives to refine our starts. This week will prepare you for Olympic Hell Week next week. Now is the time to attend ALL practices since we share the pool quite often – Coach Leo. 

Note to Parents: Please sign up for WRASA, Sun-Fish, and Regionals. These final two meets will be essential for the swimmer in preparation for Regionals. From my experience as a coach and swimmer, missing these last two meets will result in poorer performance at Regionals. It is critical for swimmers to maintain their competitive mindset during this time. Thank you. 

Important Announcements 
• WRASA Meet Sign-up Deadline TODAY (July 7)
• Buddy Break-Away Event this Thursday Evening (no pm practice, July 10)
• Olympic Hell Week begins next week (July 14 – 18
• Swimmer of the Week last week was Olivia C! She had the highest attendance rate and also showed her Kigoos spirit at the Canada Parade. Congratulations! 
• Individual Meet Progress Tables will be discussed with Swimmers and Parents soon

5 Things for Senior B’s from Coach Ava

July 6th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on 5 Things for Senior B’s from Coach Ava)
5 Things:
1. The Hootenanny went swimmingly- fantastic work to all of you who participated!
2. Buddy Breakaway is this Thursday (July 10) from 5:30-9:15pm. Please be there! Senior attendance is essential to the success of this event. You guys (Senior A and B) have been doing a great job of participating in the social events this summer, and I am thrilled, so let’s keep up the fantastic leadership!
3. Hell Week is coming up! Senior B’s Hell Week will run from Monday July 14-Wednesday July 23. This includes 11 practices, all of which are mandatory, and the Grouse Grind as well as the Triathlon. Please organize your schedules in a way that allows you to attend ALL practices for those dates. Anyone who will be away for any or all of those dates must contact me before July 14 in order to see if an alternative practice plan can be arranged as to avoid missing the Senior Hell Week Grand Prix Event. If you fail to email me about an alternative practice plan before July 14, you will automatically be removed from the running of being a Hell Week Survivor.
4. a) I will be taking my weekend off this weekend (July 12/13). For those of you attending the Surrey swim meet, please report to Coach Danna who will give you your pre and post-race talks, as well as your race splits. Despite my not being there, I am expecting a strong meet from all of you, and will be watching over you via Meet Mobile.
b) For those of you not attending the Saltspring Swim Meet on July 19/20, I will be away  from that  Friday until Monday. Again, please do your very best as I will be keeping up to date via Meet Mobile (my best friend).
5. This week we will be gearing up for Hell Week. Please attend as many practices as you can seeing as going into Hell Week cold-turkey will be extremely painful. Water, Gatorade and vegetables should quickly become your kryptonite.

Coach Ian and the Week Ahead

July 3rd, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Ian and the Week Ahead)

Welcome to July JD Golds!

It was great to see such a turnout on Canada Day and everyone who swam at this Wednesday’s Ladner meet took off a lot of time from their events (we saw as high as 15seconds being shaved off in some races!).  Our own Kigoos JD meet is happening next week and I hope to see you all there.

I would like to remind everyone to bring water and running shoes to practice.  The Kigoo Bank is open after practice on Fridays so be sure to bring any Kigoo Bucks you have.  Also, it would be great to see more of you come out to morning practices as we have only had two Golds show up so far.

A very important issue caught my eye at the Ladner meet: STREAMLINES!!!!  I have seen all of you do streamlines and no breathing off the walls during practices, so there is no excuse for anyone to be doing otherwise in a race.

This week (and further into next week) we are focusing a great deal on our distance swimming.  Things we will be working on include endurance, breath control and breathing patterns, turns, and breakouts.  We will also be doing work on our breastroke and backstroke technique.

Keep up the good work everyone!  I’ll see you at the pool!
– Coach Ian

PS:  please show up on time for warm up and change as quickly as possible so that we can maximize our time in the pool.

Coach Ava and the Senior B’s

June 30th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Ava and the Senior B’s)

*CANADA DAY PARADE JULY 1– Please be at 4th and Chatham at 9:30am sharp.*

Senior Bs,

We are now in the thick of racing season. I would like all of you to start thinking about speed as much as you can during practice. We have been doing a lot of sets that are focused on racing, however they will be of no use if you are not in the racing mindset throughout your training.

Please remember to bring water to practice and stay hydrated throughout the day so that you do not cramp up during our sets.

Canada day shortens our week a bit, so please do your best to make all of the other practices in preparation for the hootenanny!!

Remember to sign up for Saltspring. It’s a very fun meet and it’s for seniors only!


Coach Leo and the Week Ahead for Intermediate B’s

June 30th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Leo and the Week Ahead for Intermediate B’s)

Hi Intermediate B’s,

I hope everyone had a restful weekend as most of you took a week off from swim meets. Did you take some time re-reading my previous blogs (especially those in May) and reflect on the skills we have practiced?

Let’s quickly review what we have worked on for the past two weeks. Firstly, I emphasized the importance of the W.U.B (Walls, Underwater Kick, Breakout). Secondly, we must practice this consistently. This directly correlates to how well you can hold your technique when under stress and fatigue and is the key challenge all athletes face and must overcome. Let me reiterate this again. Everyone will feel tired near the end of the race, but those who remember to hold their technique together will swim faster than those who do not. 

This week will be Fine Tune Week. We will continue to apply the W.U.B into all of our strokes to ensure consistency in an often overlooked portion in races. I will be showing videos regarding the W.U.B, Dives, and Turns to help everyone better visualize their body position to ensure EFFICIENCY (Key word for this week) in our strokes. Furthermore, we will increase our Turnover in our strokes, Speed in our turns and refine the quality of our Underwater kicks such that we can be fully ready for the HUGE meet this weekend in UBC! – Coach Leo 

• Attend Canada Parade Tomorrow at 9:30am! I’ll have an awesome time walking with you beside our awesome Kigoos Float and it’ll be a great time for you to show off your Kigoos Spirit! I really hope you will be there! 
• Surrey Meet Sign-Up deadline TODAY (June 30)
• Everyone must attend as many practices as possible! Only 8 Swimmers out of our group of 25 have been attending over 50% of practices in June (We had 26 practices this month), and of those 8, only Seraphina, Aisha, and Olivia attended over 80% of practices. Just remember this… the more you come to practice, the quicker you can improve.

• The Swimmer of the Week last week is Aisha H! She came to all practices. Congratulations! 

Coach Sabrina Looks at the Week Ahead

June 30th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Sabrina Looks at the Week Ahead)

Hello JD Bronzes!!

I hope you have all been enjoying your weekend and are ready to swim this week!! Come on out this Tuesday to march and cheer in the CANADA DAY PARADE!
This week, we will be focusing on 2 things:
1. Breaststroke
2. Dives
Afternoon attendance has been really great, but the pool has been quite empty on Monday and Friday mornings…Come on out to Monday morning practices in July! Who knows, you might be rewarded with a Kigoo Buck! :)

Coach Andre Reflects on the Spike

June 29th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Andre Reflects on the Spike)

Port Moody Golden Spike Meet

Hey all! The Golden Spike meet was a huge success as a small group of Kigoos made the drive to “sunny” Port Moody. It was the first meet with a finals session this year and we had some tough swimmers maintaining an incredible intensity through out the weekend.
Even though all the swimmers had been training hard through out the week prior, best times were achieved by many!
As promised, I will select a few highlights from each day to give a shout-out to (for intermediates and seniors).
Swims of the day: 
Rachel P 100 Fly Final. 1:20.92 (35.6 50 split)
What. A. Swim. This girl took it out like a pro. From the moment the race started you could tell this was going to be Rachel’s race. She was in pain at the end, but she was tough enough to hold on for the win. Going out in season-best time for the 50 fly, Rachel maintained technique through 100m of gruelling butterfly. With this time, she would have been very close to winning the Div 5 Girls 100 fly as well…. Good job Rach!
Frankie L. 200 IM Final. 2:40.50
Frankie was super tough this weekend. He has been pretty committed to academics thus far and has had minimal training time. But his positive attitude is not going unnoticed as he is determined to be fit for regionals. Using Golden Spike as a “training meet”, Frankie swam consistently well through the meet (his coach picked the toughest 6 possible events he could register Frankie for) with the highlight being his 200 IM. This race showed me that Frankie is a racer, and even when his fitness is not at 100% he is going to give it his all when he is in the pool.
Vincent L: 50 Fly Final. 32.42
Vincent  is an upcoming star in the BCSSA swim circuit. I could not be happier with this swim. Technically sound, and aggressive off his start (the only technical change from his morning swim), this young man turned some heads with his 50 fly.Going this time after a lactic acid builder of a set on Friday evening is even more impressive as he held 33s and 34s for 6×50 on 4 minutes that night. Way to go Vincent!!!
Dakota C: 50 Fly Final. 32.99
Dakota had a busy day. She entered herself in 50 fly and 100 free (the first and last events of the program) with the hopes she could go to a field hockey practice in between her swims. Coming straight to the pool from a good “dryland” session, Dakota just missed swimming her 100 free. Fortunately enough, she was mentally prepared to rip through the pool and break 33 for the first time in 50 fly. Loved this swim. If any young swimmer is looking for tips on underwater dolphin kicks, ask Dakota. She led by a good body length after her initial breakout, and off the turn she remained tough and composed. With still lots of improvement to be made in this swim, she showed real class as an athlete in taking the win.
So there ya go Kigoos. These picks are NOT based on just time or because they were victories; but because of the overall performance of the swimmer based on their capabilities. Some days you aren’t going to feel 100% but you still have to do the best with what you got. Nonetheless, I will say 100% of the swimmers who attended the meet did the club proud in swimming tough, these are merely the high lights.
ALL SENIOR SWIMMERS MUST ATTEND CANADA DAY PARADE IN STEVESTON. PLEASE TOUCH BASE WITH ANDRE, AVA or DANNA. Please come and help represent Kigoos to the community, it will only take 1-2 hours out of your holiday.


Coach Alexis with Some Guidance for her Swimmers

June 25th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Alexis with Some Guidance for her Swimmers)

What a great JD Meet!!

Even though the pool was quite a bit longer than we are used to we didn’t let that stop us and our races looked awesome. Everyone swam as fast as they could the whole way to the wall and even swam a 50m relay at the end of the day. Well done!
Come ready to work hard for the rest of the week and be ready to learn some new drills.
See you on deck!

Coach Julia Looks Ahead for Her Junior B’s

June 23rd, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Julia Looks Ahead for Her Junior B’s)

Hello Junior Bs!


Well done to those of you who swam at the Ladner Super 7 swim meet, a lot of us were entered in 100 free or 100 IM for the first time and I was very pleased with your efforts – so great job! We also had lost of best times, which is definitely something to be proud of. Our backstroke is improving too, which I am very happy about, but we will keep on working on backstroke touch turns/turns this week to keep it fresh. We have been getting some more turnout in practice lately, and that is great. Please try your best to keep it up because the more practices you attend the more you will have the chance to improve!


This week we will continue swimming some sets with less rest in between them (faster sets/sprint sets). This will help build up our endurance and our capability to still swim fast, and properly, when we are tired. We are also going to be narrowing down on our breakouts, turns, and finishes, as they are all crucial aspects when it comes to racing. Lately we’ve had some great practices with more meters, so I’m exited to see what you guys can do at practice this week because when we are focused it is awesome how well we can do, and how much distance we can swim in each practice! Due to these faster sets, we will also be using the pace clock more, so please remember to look at the arrows yourself instead of waiting for an indication to start from me. It will make things easier for everyone!


The Kigoos Movie Night is this Thursday the 26th, and we will be seeing How To Train Your Dragon 2. More information is posted on the Kigoos website and there was also an email notifier that went out a few days ago. There will be no practices that day at Steveston Pool due to the movie. Hope to see you there for one of our first social events of the season!


Enjoy the rest of the week, and let’s hope the sun comes out for our pool time!