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Kigoos Scholarship – 2016

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The RICHMOND KIGOOS SWIM CLUB SCHOLARSHIP AWARD is awarded to deserving current and / or past Kigoos members that are planning to / or are presently attending an accredited Post-Secondary Institute
Applicants are eligible to apply for one (1) $500 scholarship per year.  Preference will be given to those applicants who have not previously won a Kigoos Scholarship.
The applicant must be applying for or is a returning to an accredited post-secondary institution as a full-time student
Applications must be received no later than July 31, 2016.
HERE are the Instructions (please note the date has been extended)
HERE is the Application Form.

Revised Wednesday Practice Schedule

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In yesterday’s Notifier it said that there would be no practices on Wednesday afternoon because of our JD Meet at Watermania.  We have been able to secure pool time in the non-competition part of the pool, so practices will continue on Wednesday with an alternate schedule:
5:15-6:15: JR R AND JR W
6:00-7:00: INT R
6:45-7:45: SR B AND SR W
7:30-8:30: SR R
Be sure to sign-up for volunteer shifts, and for our swimmers, cheer on our younger swimmers!

Kigoos Updates for July 10th

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It is a busy week and a number of items that require your attention.
1)  With many returning late from Salt Spring tonight – there is no Senior Red practice on Monday morning.
2)  Meet Sign-Ups:  It is the last call for the Crescent Beach JD Meet on July 20th and the White Rock Meet on July 23-24.  All the meet packages are posted with the details.  HERE IS THE LINK
3)  Our JD Meet is Wednesday and we need a huge turnout of parents to help out.  We still have a number of volunteer spots that need to be filled – particularly we need help in the Office and with Stroke and Turn.  HERE is the link.  Please note – with the JD Meet on Wednesday, there are no PM practices on Wednesday.  We need everyone to come out and help with our Meet.
4)  Movie Day is this Thursday!  We are going to watch The Secret Life of Pets at 12:30 at SilverCity.  All swimmers should be dropped off by 12:00 and can be picked up at 2:15.  Swimmers will sign-in and out with their coaches.  The sign-up form will be emailed tomorrow.
5)  The Grouse Grind is on Tuesday, July 19 at 10 am at Grouse Mountain.
Swimmers are to meet at the foot of the Grouse Grind at 10 am sharp for a 10:15 am departure. The hike generally takes the swimmers as little as 40 minutes to as long as 1.5 hours to complete. Swimmers can sign out with their parent as soon as they cross the finish line.
First time Grouse Grinders, please note that this is a very difficult hike.  All Junior and JD participants must have a parent supervisor with them on the hike.   Please send your child up with a large bottle of water in a light backpack that is easy for them to carry without use of their hands. It is also advised to bring a granola bar or other snack that is light to carry for when you finish.
All swimmers must pre-register HERE and include a parent / guardian name and contact cell number.
We will have a sign-in at the base when we meet, and a sign-out at the top when you are finished. Everyone must sign-out with a coach before you go explore/eat or take the gondola ride down to meet your ride home.
Important: everyone must take the Gondola ride down the mountain – it is $10 to buy a ticket for the Gondola ride down.
Please respect the drop-off/pick-up guidelines. The coaches are not responsible for the transportation or the care of your children after they are done the hike.  Any questions or concerns regarding this request should be sent to Coach Emmy

Upcoming Kigoos Events

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1)  Canada Day Parade – This Friday!
The information was in the last Notifier.  All swimmers participating must sign up HERE.  One additional note – we don’t have a trailer this year to all swimmers MUST be able to walk the entire distance.  Please be sure to be wearing you Kigoos red t-shirts and other Kigoos gear.  As of now we have about 50 swimmers signed-up.
2)  Pub Night – Thursday, July 7th 6-9 PM
If you are attending you must claim your tickets today.  HERE IS THE LINK.  All families receive two tickets as part of their registration.  We have tons of great prizes and it should be a wonderful night.
3)  Coach Emmy’s Awesome Pizza and Movie Party – Thursday, July 7th – 5:30 – 9:00 PM
While parents are at the Buck & Ear Bar and Grill our swimmers will be in and around Steveston Community Centre.  Look for a sign-up coming shortly.  Swimmers can be dropped by at 5:30 behind the Steveston Pool.  There will be some outdoor games, pizza and then we will go in the Community Centre to watch Zootopia.  Swimmers can be picked up at 9:00 at the end of the Pub Night.
4)  Kigoos goes to the Movies – Thursday, July 14th (noonish)
We have our new date for going to the movies.  Kigoos will got to SilverCity on Thursday, July 14th at about noon (final show times will be out a week in advance) to see The Secret Life of Pets.  This is always a popular social event.  Coaches will supervise the swimmers at the movie.  A sign-up form will be available soon but save the date!
5)  Please be sure to also sign-up for all the upcoming meets:
  • Hootenanny at Watermania – EXTENDED UNTIL THIS WEDNESDAY – join over 110 Kigoos swimmers at the largest meet of the season other than provincials
  • JD Meets – Ladner, Richmond and Crescent Beach.  Our home meet will be at Watermania on Wednesday, July 13th.  Hopefully we have a huge turnout of Kigoos from JD and other swimmers with B times.
  • It is also a good time to sign-up for Surrey, White Rock, North Delta and Regionals.

Super 7 Timers, Warm-Ups and July Practice Schedule

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Three important items for today:

1)  The timing sheets are now posted HERE for the Super 7 Meet on Saturday and Sunday at Watermania.  We have a number of shifts to cover – please sign-up.  Also, please be sure not to erase others who have already filled in the form.

2)  The following are warm-up times for this weekend:


7:45-8:20: JR R, JR W, INT W, INT R

8:05-8:40: SR B, SR W, SR R

deep pool: JR R, INT W, SR B, SR W

shallow pool: JR W, INT R, SR R



7:45-8:20: JR W, JR R

8:05-8:40: INT W, INT R, SR B, SR W, SR R

deep pool: JR W, INT R, SR R

shallow pool: JR R, INT W, SR B, SR W

3)  The practice schedule for July has now been posted HERE.  Please make careful note of Minoru and Watermania pool times.  The number of hours in the water is consistent (actually slightly higher) than in past years.  Our JD swimmers have 5 hours of practice a week, Juniors have 6 and Intermediates and Seniors have 8.  If you have any questions please ask your group coach or Head Coach Emmy

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding as the pool renovations continue at Steveston Pool.  A particular thanks to Rosie Nickerson who acts on our behalf working with the City and to Emmy who has had to continue to recreate practice schedules as we negotiated pool space with the City.  While it is disappointing that the project is still not completed at Steveston, the staff at the City responsible for pool allocations have been excellent to work with as we did our best to ensure we had adequate pool space this summer.

Kigoos News for June 14th

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JD Meet on Wednesday:
The warm-up times are at 4:00-4:40. Please try and get there a bit before that. It is an outdoor meet and it is supposed to be raining so come prepared for the weather. We are making relays for the meet so please email if you can’t stay for one. The estimated time for the meet ending is around 7:30.  All other information is available via the meet package that is posted under our Meet Sign-up page.
July Practice Schedule:
If you have walked by Steveston Pool lately, you may have already guessed, but it will not be ready for July 3rd.  We are currently finalizing our practice schedule that will carry-on until we can get into Steveston Pool.  We will be using Minoru Pool in the mornings and Watermania in the afternoons.  We hope to have the schedule posted in the next few days.
Kigoos Scholarship Committee:
We are looking for 4 parents to volunteer to serve on the Kigoos Scholarship Committee.  Parents involved in the process must be in at least their 4th year with the club, and not have any child(ren) who are considering applying for the awards.  If you are interested in volunteering or need more information, please contact Scholarship Chair Zoë Stronge at  Thank your for your help with this important committee.
Movie Afternoon – Change of Date:
We are looking to do our Kigoos Movie afternoon on Thursday, June 30th not June 23rd.  Look for final details shortly.
Checking Your Times:
Swimmers can look up their times from races throughout the season.  The results are usually updated within a week of a meet.  To learn how to do this, see the instructions HERE

IceBreaker Warm-up Times at Watermania

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7:15-7:50 (in at 7:30) JR RED
7:35-8:10 (in at 7:50) INTERMEDIATE RED
7:55-8:30 (in at 8:10) SR RED

7:15-7:50: JR WHITE

7:15-7:50 (in at 7:30) JR WHITE
7:35-8:10 (in at 7:50) INTERMEDIATE WHITE
7:55-8:30 (in at 8:10) SR WHITE AND SR BLUE

7:15-7:50: JR RED
7:55-8:30: SR RED

Friday Practice Schedule at Watermania

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3:45-4:30: JD
4:15-5:00: JR White
4:45-5:30: JR Red
5:15-6:00: Intermediate White
5:45-6:30: Intermediate Red
6:15-7:00: Senior Blue
6:45-7:30: Senior White
7:15-8:00: Senior Red

Kigoos Updates – May 27th – Breakfast tomorrow!

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The Kigoos Breakfast is tomorrow (Saturday) at South Arm Pool beginning at 9:00.  There is no cost but you need to have pre-ordered. Breakfast will be served at 9:30.  As is customary at Kigoos events, please bring plates and cutlery.
In addition to the swap meet, and Yingfa Sale previously advertised, the Kigoos Swim Shop will also be open with great deals:
Kigoos Swim Shop Sale Saturday May 28th at 9:30-11:30am.  Show your Kigoo pride and get your Kigoo Dry Fit T-shirts, long sleeve cotton shirts, hoodies, sweats, zip hoodies and more.  Previous stock on discounted prices and an opportunity to order new Kigoo wear.  All Adult XL items are on sale for $5 so shop now for Father’s Day!  We accept cash or cheque only.
Swimmers will be in the water for some of the time and also will be making posters for the IceBreaker Meet.  They will be using paint so should dress accordingly.

1)  You can know sign-up for all weekend swim meets on the website.  We were able to extend the deadline for the IceBreaker but we won’t for other meets.  Please pay close attention to when you must sign-up.  It is typically 2 weeks before an event.
New News:
1)  As you know the current practice schedule goes until June 10th – we then move all our practices to Minoru for the remainder of June.  The schedule for June 13th – June 30th has now been posted HERE.
2)  This Sunday night at 6:30 pm at Steveston Community Centre will be our final planning meeting for the IceBreaker Meet – all parents are welcome to attend.
3)  Look for the volunteer sign-up information to come out this weekend for IceBreaker – we will need to have all parents helping out.
We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow – and it is great to see we have over 150 swimmers signed-up for IceBreaker next weekend!

Kigoos Updates for May 24th

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1)  In the earlier note re:  Salt Spring – we will still be booking camping space as a club, for “camping plans” we just need to know numbers so we can plan appropriately. You do not need to book camping space individually.
1)  We have been asked by the City to remind our families there are no dogs allowed in the South Arm building and park.  Also, rollerbladers must remove their rollerblades and bikers must dismount before entering the South Arm facility.
2)  We are hoping for a few more swimmers to sign-up for the Ice Breaker at Watermania next weekend.  We have extended the sign-up (HERE) to Friday at noon.  While you are signing up, please also sign-up for the Boundary Bay Meet the following week – other meets will be added soon.
3)  This Wednesday (tomorrow) is the Parent Orientation at 4:30 at South Arm Pool.  HERE is also the information from the previous Notifier.  This is a great session for new and returning families to get the scoop on what is coming ahead.
4)  Next Monday to Wednesday (May 30 – June 1) are the Stroke and Turn Clinics for parents.  HERE is all the information.  This is a great way to be involved at swim meets – you see the action close-up, get well fed and earn your parent participation hours.
5)  This weekend the Kigoos Breakfast (see below) replaces the JD Practices on Saturday morning.  Weekend practices on Saturday at Watermania for other groups will continue.  All groups will have their final weekend practices this Sunday at South Arm (JD) and Watermania (all other groups).
The Kigoos Breakfast is this Saturday, May 28th from 9:00 – 11:30
The event will include breakfast, handing out caps and t-shirts and an open swim and is a great way for new and returning families to connect.  Also at the breakfast . . . .
1)  Gear Swap –  Bring your gently used swim gear to donate, swap or sell to other Kigoos families.  We will have a table set up at breakfast and you can come and mingle with other parents and trade/sell swim items.  All of our kids are growing at a rapid rate and this is a great way for us to share items and save a little money while we’re at it.  If you want to sell your items, it will be up to you to coordinate the sale.   Thanks to Chandra and Nicole for organizing this.
2)  Yingfa Closing Out Sale – Are you looking for a great deal on suits and goggles?  Yingfa will be coming to the breakfast to sell off their remaining inventory – this is your last chance for these deals.  They have about 300 suits, some parkas and lots of Goggles.  The Yingfa sale (George’s daughter is coming) will be from 9:30 – 11:00
3)  Breakfast Orders – Breakfast is included for all family members!  We will have a waffle, 2 sausages and hot chocolate  / coffee.  We need to an accurate food total – Please complete this FORM indicating how many from your family will be joining us for breakfast.  The Deadline is8 pm tomorrow, May 25th.
4)  Volunteers – we need helpers for the breakfast this Saturday.  Please email Nancy at if you are able to help.