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Kigoos Updates for May 25th

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A lot of news and reminders today:

1)  The updated group lists are now posted HERE.  There have been some adjustments and all those involved have been contacted individually.
2)  Today is the last day to sign-up for IceBreaker on June 6-7.  We currently have about 135 swimmers signed-up but hopefully we will still have more.  We love to get a huge turnout for our home meet.  Here is the sign-up page.  You can also sign-up for the other June weekend meets.  If you have any questions on meet sign-up check with your coach of Coach Ava.
3)  Wednesday is the final day to order your breakfast for the Mock Meet on Saturday morning.  The breakfast was a huge hit last year so you don’t want to miss out!  HERE is all the information including ordering details.
4)  On the topic of the Mock Meet – thanks to all of you who have already volunteered to help.  You can volunteer to help on the same form as you order breakfast (if you are volunteering and not ordering breakfast just leave the other items blank).  We would like all volunteers at the pool by 6:45 AM.  Some volunteers will assist with breakfast and others with the running of the meet.  We are still looking for more help!
5)  The Mock Meet schedule is now posted HERE.  We will want everyone at the pool by 6:45 AM!
6)  Unclaimed Awards from 2014 – There are some unclaimed awards from the 2014 season. Please check the family file box and the box in the office. Coaches, if you could take a look in the box that is in the office and let your swimmers know if they have anything to pick up that would be much appreciated.  Any questions please contact Wendy Maclean at
7)  We are beginning to plan for our participation in the Steveston Salmon Festival Parade.  This has been more popular each year!  We are currently looking for parents to be involved and assist our coordinator Megan Zeni.  If you are able to assist (a great way to get hours!) please email her at:  We are also looking for a 20 ft. box trailer or similar trailer to build our float.  Again, email Megan if you can help!
8)  Finally for today – do you have Food Safe?  We are looking for a couple parents with Food Safe that could help with volunteering at a couple of our events and at Regionals in August.  Email Zoe if you can help with this at:

Breakfast Orders for the Mock Meet on May 30th

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The first social event of the year is quickly approaching as is the start of the competitive season. We are inviting ALL FAMILIES to participate in the 2nd Annual Mock Meet Waffle Breakfast to be held on May 30th from 9 to 10 am at the Steveston Pool – the meet with start at 7 AM.  Details on the meet will follow later this week. 
Whether you are a returning family or new to the club, this is a fun time to get together and chat with old and new friends and for those new to the club, get a better understanding of how meets are run. We end the morning with some delicious waffles from Steveston’s very own Damien waffles. Below are your menu choices.
SUPERHERO BREAKFAST – consists of two Belgian waffles topped with strawberries, whipped cream and syrup, served with 3 link sausages and hot chocolate  $6.00.
MIGHT MOUSE BREAKFAST – consists of one Belgian waffle topped with strawberries, whipped cream and syrup, served with 3 link sausages and hot chocolate  $4.00.
Please order food by family HERE.  You must pre-order by Wednesday, May 27th and pay on the day. We will also need parent volunteers to assist with the food – you can sign-up for this online with your food orders.
At Kigoos we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so we are asking everyone to bring your own cups, plates and cutlery. As we are ordering supplies based on your confirmations, please ensure that any cancellations are sent by email to Nancy Lemaire at no later than 2 days before the event to avoid a fee. 
Hope to see everyone there!!!

Draft Constitution and By-Laws

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Please click HERE to see a copy of the DRAFT Constitution and By-Laws.  They will be voted on at the Special General Meeting on Thursday, December 4th.



Frequently Asked Questions – November 2014

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Coming out of the year-end survey were some questions that are worth sharing and answering with everyone in the club.  We will continue to add to the list as we go:


How do the Kigoos decide which meets to attend?

There are typically nine weeks to the pre-regionals swim season from the beginning of June until the end of July.   The Kigoos have traditionally attended eight meets as a club.  Of those eight, six of them are within the region (Ice Breaker, Ladner, Boundary Bay, Surrey, White Rock, North Delta) and then two outside of the region.  Some meets like the Ice Breaker are on the same weekend every year while others do shift weekends.  After these six meets are set we look two find two other meets with priority to those which are most local.  We typically also take off the weekend around July 1st.  Over the last few years the two out-of-region meets have been in Coquitlam, Vancouver, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, and Burnaby.  It depends completely on what is available on the weekends we are looking for a meet.

The only addition to this is that the Kigoos have a tradition of attending the Salt Spring Island Meet in mid-July.  This is an option for senior swimmers and their siblings.


Why do more clubs come some years to the Ice Breaker?

The size of the Ice Breaker is really dependent on the other meets occurring on the same weekend.  All Fraser South clubs will attend, but we may also get other local clubs if there are no meets that weekend in Vancouver or the Simon Fraser Region.  The Ice Breaker is always the first full weekend of June – other meets do move around.  Two years ago we had a huge turnout for Ice Breaker since there were no other local meets, this past year there was a meet in Burnaby the same weekend.


How are Coaches Hired?

The Head Coach is a 12-month position from September 1st – August 31st.  Each year efforts are made to ensure the Head Coach is hired / renewed no later than August 1st – one month prior to the start of the contract.  The President of the Club, assisted by other executive members lead the search for the Head Coach.  This can include canvassing current coaches for their interest and posting to a public competition.

Group Coaches for the coming summer are hired early in the year.  We try to have all coaches in place by February for a May 1st start-date.  The Vice-President of the Club leads the process for hiring coaches.  He along with the parent-executive member who is responsible for Coaching Development, the Head Coach and a representative who can focus on the lifeguarding responsibilities make up the committee.  The Hiring Committee recommends a slate of  coaches to the Executive for approval.  Candidates submit resumes, are interviewed and have references checked as part of the hiring process.




Kigoos Updates – September 29th

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Thanks to everyone who helped out with last night and a big thanks to Danna again for being such a wonderful Head Coach for the past two seasons!  We are so glad she will be continuing to coach this winter in the Tsunami Program.
1)  The video and slideshow from last night have been posted to the website.  Here is the direct link to the video and here is the direct link to the slideshow.  We know the sound was difficult last night, so we know you will enjoy seeing both of these again.  The video is also available on our Facebook page.  
2)  You will have seen the previous announcement regarding Tsunami.  It starts this Saturday.  Tsunami groups are based on the group you swam with during the summer.  Example: Your child may have been a Junior swimmer last year in Tsunami, but moved up to Intermediate during the summer.  You would come to the Intermediate session for Tsunami this year.  Coaches will make adjustments this weekend.  Any questions regarding groups should go to Andre at
3)  We are pleased to announce our coaching staff for Tsunami.  We are excited  to have such an experienced group of coaches:
Andre / Danna
Jr A
Jr B
Andre / Danna
Intermediate A
Intermediate B
Danna /  Julia
Danna / Andre
4)  Thanks to all who have applied for CIT positions in the winter.  We had 13 swimmers volunteer and they have all been contacted.  If you have not yet received an email about CIT, and you applied, please email Chris Kennedy at
5)  Water Polo starts next Wednesday, October 8th – 3:15 at Watermania.  More details will come later this week.


Kigoos Updates – September 24th

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Coaches-In-Training for Tsunami
With Tsunami starting in early October we are looking for older swimmers who may be interested in gaining coaching experience as CITs (Coaches-In-Training) with our JD Program.  If you are at least 13 years old and interested in this opportunity please e-mail Chris Kennedy at  If you have already indicated an interest you do not need to send another email.
Reminder of this Sunday
A reminder to indicate  today if you are coming to the Year End Celebration this Sunday at 6 pm at McMath.  Please RSVP HERE today to indicate you are attending.  One additional note – no peanuts please in any of the deserts – we have several swimmers with allergies.  
Kigoos Records

We will celebrate all the new Kigoos records this Sunday (there were 12 this year!).  You can now see the full list online HERE.  Of note, the club’s oldest record, the division 2 girls breaststroke record from 1985 was broken this season.
More information  on Tsunami and Winter Water Polo will be out soon.

Tsunami Registration – Now Open for Current Kigoos Families

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Tsunami (Winter Swimming Maintenance) registration is opening now.
Fees will be $200 per swimmer (same as last year).
Tsunami is run out of Watermania from Thanksgiving until the end of March.
The coaching staff will include many of this summer’s coaches.
Swim sessions will be on Saturdays and Sundays.  The tentative schedule is:
JD – 4:45-6pm
Juniors A/B – 5:45-7pm
Intermediates A/B 6:45-8pm
Seniors A/B 7:45-9pm
We have moved the registration for Tsunami online.  In order to be registered you must complete the online form AND submit your cheque.  Registration is now available for current swimmers and their siblings.  Registration forms for new swimmers will be available shortly.
Priority for current Kigoos families is extended until August 6th.  Each year some of the groups do sell out.
You will be able to complete your forms now and submit your cheque tomorrow night at the Red and White Meet – more details are on the forms.
CURRENT KIGOOS SIBLINGS FORM – Siblings must also complete this form on paper.
With any questions please contact Kelian Armstrong, our Tsunami Registrar at

More on the Red and White Meet

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Here is some more information about the Sorcery (Red) vs. Safari (White) themed Red and White Meet!
All swimmers should wear a bathing suit under their Sorcery or Safari themed costume because we will not necessarily be giving time to change during the meet.  To check your team see yesterday’s Notifier or the list HERE on the website.
This is a rough timeline of what we have planned for this year’s meet:
4:45-5pm: Sign-in
5-5:15pm: Opening ceremonies and a brief word from the Head Coach/Adjudicator- Coach Danna
5:15-5:30pm: Cheers
5:30-7pm: Races/competitions in the following order (subject to change):
1. Belly-Flop Prelims (2 heats, top 6 advance to finals)
2. Chain-Link Relay (1 heat, 3 red vs. 3 white teams)
3. Lung-Buster Competition (1 heat, 3 red vs. 3 white team individuals)
4. Crazy Crawl Relay (1 heat, 3 red vs. 3 white teams)
5. Cheer-off (Red vs. White)
6. Tater Tot Treasure Drop (Open to JD Copper and Tater Tots only, 4 from each team)
7. Costume Relay (1 heat, 3 red vs. 3 white teams)
8. Belly-Flop Finals
9. Parent vs. Coaches Relay (2 parent relays, 2 Red coaches relays, 2 White coaches relays)
10. Final Cheer-Off
7-8pm: Dinner/Sign-out
We want to give everyone a chance to swim so please make sure you arrive on time because we will be signing swimmers up for races at the sign-in table. 
Finally – we will need parents for the relay – let Ava know if you can race.  
Any questions can be directed to Coach Ava at

Red and White Meet

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The Red and White Meet will take place this Wednesday instead of regular practices. Swimmers should arrive at the pool at 4:45 pm for a quick debrief and to sign up for the fun swimming events such as a crazy crawl relay! The meet will end no later than 8:15 pm.

Every year at the Red and White Meet the club is split into 2 teams. Each team has a theme and must compete with the other in a series of fun activities in and out of the pool.

The theme for this year’s Red and White Meet is Sorcery (Red) vs. Safari (White). Please come dressed in your most amazing wizard or explorer costume, and don’t forget to show your team colours!

 Swimmers highlighted in red are on the Red Sorcery Team and those not highlighted are on the White Safari Team.  If you do not see your name, check other groups and / or check with Coach Ava.  This event is open to all Kigoos from JD up.  If Tater Tots would like to attend they must have a parent/adult supervisor.

Parents and siblings are encouraged to stick around and watch the festivities seeing as this is the most spirited Kigoo event of the season!

Red and White Meet Food Orders

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The Red and White meet is the biggest event of the summer with the whole club split into two teams, with each team having a theme.
More info on teams themes will be out later this week.
The Red and White Meet is for ALL swimmers in ALL swim groups.
Here is the info on ordering dinner: (Click HERE for the ordering link)
Once again we are excited to offer you a BBQ meal that will be cooked by M & M Meats. You can order the following items (make sure to include the number of each item that you wish to have as a family) :
All beef hamburger $3.00
Vegetarian hamburger $3.00
Cheese burger  $3.50
Hot dog  $2.50
Caesar salad  $1.50
Juice 50 cents
NEW – Dilly Bars $1.50
Again – we need orders in by Sunday so please respond immediately. It should be a great family picnic.