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Junior Red Blog Post – For Coach Leo

August 11th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Blog Post – For Coach Leo)

Hi Junior Reds,

I hope you enjoyed your time this summer swim season. For those who have been with Kigoos, I hope you learned something new about swimming and racing. For those who joined us this year, did you enjoy making posters for Ice Breaker, watching Inside Out, playing tag at Splashtastic Pool Party, marching in the Canada parade, hiking the Grouse Grind, hanging out at Pasta Night, and so much more?

It was a privilege to be your coach and I had a great time. I hope I was able to share my passion of competitive swimming and deepen your interest in swimming. Don’t forget the keywords we talked about: keep practicing towards efficient strokes by staying low when breathing, countering pause with quick stroke rate, and maintaining speed with underwater dolphin kicks and breakouts. Doing these once is not enough though… you must be consistent especially when you’re tired! Always hold the water and pull with power and intensity. Finally, I hope you will swim with confidence as you continue to build on the things we practiced.

See you all at the Kigoos Club Picnic this Wednesday. I will hand out your Time Sheet to you then.

Thank you Junior Red Swimmers and Parents,

Coach Leo

JR Red Points Earned Summary (May – Aug 2015):

Div 1G: 827

Div 1B: 371

Div 2G: 192

Div 2B: 390

Div 3B: 6

O Cat 1: 325



Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

August 4th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Update from Coach Leo)

Hi Junior Reds,

Regionals is here! Remember to stay hydrated and relaxed. Think about the tips we talked about, visualize your strong strokes and your quickness off the walls, and have fun at Pasta night together. I am very happy to have the privilege to coach you this season. 

This week, we will do dives, turns, and relay takeovers. Rest well and let’s bring all our intensity and energy this weekend. See you this week!

Pasta Night (Aug 6Thursday)

Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

July 29th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Update from Coach Leo)

Hi Junior Reds, 

A quick update as we enter our final 1.5 weeks this season. Great job this week. Was it a challenge to execute the technique consistently every time? Whether it is holding your streamline, finishing your pull, timing your touch turns into the walls, or keeping your head down for the breakout and finish, our priority is to catch the water so that we go forward while minimizing drag. For the remainder of this week, we will continue to increase our stroke rate. Next week, we will practice our dives and turns. Remember to stay hydrated and relaxed. See you this week! 

SOTW (100% challenge week completed. Find out tonight):
???, ?????, ??????, ???????, ???????, ?????????, ??????? 

SOTM (Surrey): Sherea L. & Adrian C. 

  • Sherea kept her head low to the water surface when breathing and kept her arms close to the body when pulling in 50m free, resulting in a more streamlined body position and a quicker pull.
  • Adrian was consistent in his underwater dolphin kick 50m back and increased his kick. He conserved his speed from the wall and maintained it. resulting in a more efficient stroke.

– Regional Events will be confirmed with swimmer and parents via email (July 29 & 30)
– Red & White Meet (July 29, 4:45pm-8pm)

–  Scoops Reward (July 31, 5pm-6pm, Steveston Pool)

Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

July 20th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Update from Coach Leo)

Hi Junior Reds,

Challenge week details have been posted. This week will be challenging but exciting as well. We will continue to practice many drills to enhance our stroke efficiency, time trials to increase stroke consistency, races to push your stroke intensity, all while traveling to different sections of the island discovered last week by Kigoo. Remember to bring your water bottle and runners! See you this week!


Intensity & Technique: Tiana M. 

  • Tiana maintained high intensity in the 50m breaststroke by consistently pairing strong whip kick with each glide. Her flutter kick in backstroke is becoming more efficient as she kicks with pointed feet.

Time: Beatrix L. 

  •  Beatrix took off 13.14s in her 100m free due to a stronger pull and kick and a more consistent stroke rate.

SOTW: Josh N.

  • Josh had the highest attendance last week. Josh’s breaststroke kick was consistent both in the 8x25m set and in the race.

– Read and fill Doodle regarding Regionals by July 22, 9pm (Wednesday) – Doodle sent out today via email (July 20)

Junior Red Challenge Week Update from Coach Leo

July 18th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Challenge Week Update from Coach Leo)

Check out the plan from Coach Leo for the next two weeks HERE.  It looks awesome!

Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

July 14th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Update from Coach Leo)

Hi Junior Reds,

This week, we will review drills to fine tune the following areas as much as we can:

·         Free – crossover

·         Back – pulling with straight arms/kicking with low hips

·         Breast – Whip kick: knees too wide, Arms: low elbows

·         Fly – Timing and staying low

This long list requires ongoing practice and time before we perfect every single skill, but reviewing the drills this week will reinforce our stroke quality. Let’s keep strengthening our fundamentals with our goal times in mind.

The specific skill this week is faster flip turns and touch turns. Our goal for the WRASA Meet is to get off the walls much more quickly. See you this week!

Hootenany SOTM:

Intensity: Madeleine F

Technique: Josh N.

–          Madeleine balanced a quick turnover with efficient pull in the 50m Free. She did not let the intensity drop at any time and finished hard into the wall.

–          Josh paired his whip kick with the glide and did not rush his stroke in the 50m Breast. This allowed him travel more distance per stroke.


  • All-Star Speed Meet (July 15)
  • Challenge Week details will be posted on Friday (July 17)

Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

July 6th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Update from Coach Leo)

Hi Junior Reds, 

Up until now, the main portion of practice was on technique. At this point, our strokes are looking efficient and it is time to apply this same technique into speed swimming. The next areas to tackle are 1) Explosiveness: fast turnover with no pause, and 2) Endurance: sustain high intensity for the set distance. This week, we will practice sprinting (15m,25m,50m) and uninterrupted 100m. The goal here is to practice not only sustaining a high intensity throughout the 50m and 100m as we do in racing, but to get you thinking and applying efficient technique into a fast stroke, and also to know where you slow down and your technique falls apart.  

NSWC Swimmer of the Meet:

Most outstanding performance: Emi N.

Most improved (time, technique): Jeremy C.

  • Emi executed a consistent and quick turnover immediately after the dive and did not slow down at the last portions of the 2nd 25m.
  • Jeremy achieved all best times in his events taking off a total of 13.56s. He is now able do an efficient dive!

Swimmer of the Week: Catherine L. 

– Catherine had the highest attendance last week. She was also consistent in her deep underwater kickoff in backstroke in practice and in the race. 


– See Kigoos Email Notifier (Meet deadlines, events)

Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

June 29th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Update from Coach Leo)

Hi Junior Reds,

Hope everyone had a restful weekend. July, the most eventful month, is here! The activities include Canada parade, Buddy Breakaway, Grouse grind, Triathlon, R&W meet, AND our Challenge Pyramid All Week Long. Furthermore, upcoming meets have heats and finals which simulate Regionals and Provincials. Before we are caught up in all the excitement, let’s review our progress in June.

The two main goals set in June were:

1)      To become consistent in our streamline, underwater kick and breakout (basic skills that are crucial in the long term)

2)      To improve endurance/fitness

To work towards these goals, we worked towards efficient strokes by focusing on:

·         Deep kickoff every wall in backstroke, eyes up

·         Quick turnover

·         Getting rid of pause

·         Head down during breakout and finish

As a group, strokes are smoother and more efficient. Your streamlines, underwater kick, and breakout are also more consistent. Our focus in May and June was on the mid-race (the portion where you are doing the stroke). In July, we will shift our focus to starts (initial portion) and turns (transition portion), and continue to reinforce and refine our stroke technique.

Our key goals in July are 1) being able to execute effective dives and turns, 2) maintain our stroke technique in the last portion of the races (25m) and finish strong, 3) improve endurance and speed. These goals demand practice and fitness so now is the time to come to as many practices as you can. We will work on dives and turns, see you this week!   

Swimmer of the Week: Sierra L.

– There was a challenging set where Sierra worked through initial discomfort and got back into the practice. This Kigoos spirit of self-motivation is a great encouragement to me and our group. Congratulations!


– Hootenany Meet Sign-Up Deadline (TODAY, June 29)

– Canada Parade (July 1, 9:30am, 4th Chatham)

– New practice schedule in effect

Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

June 22nd, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Update from Coach Leo)

i Junior Reds,

Ladner Super 7 is a challenge of fitness because of its unique format. You had the opportunity to race up to 7 individual events, to swim a special event exclusive to Div 4+, and to race swimmers outside our region. This was also our first time racing in Watermania: the pool we will come back to during Hootenanny, several July practices, and finally Regionals. Our group is steadily improving in two areas. Firstly, you reduced pause with a quicker Turnover. Secondly, you applied a DEEP kick off the wall in your backstroke instead of popping up before the flags. The Turnover and DEEP maintain speed and maximize distance respectively and I hope you appreciate how these two skills resulted in efficiency.

Ladner Super 7 Swimmers of the Meet

Most outstanding performance: Sofia L.

Most improved (time): Isabella M.

Most improved (technique): Reya L.


·         Sofia applied a turnover that was both quick and powerful in her 100m free. Her snappy turns paired with complete underwater kicks make her transition smooth. She demonstrated consistency by not breathing off her breakout at any wall after the turn, and kept her head down for a strong finish.

·         Isabella took off 28.35s total and achieved “A” times in 50 Breast, 50 Fly, 100 IM.

·         All of Reya’s strokes are extremely smooth and efficient especially butterfly and breaststroke. She stays low and long in butterfly, and pairs a quick pull after each breaststroke glide with strong kick.

Swimmer of the Week: Zachary K.

·         Zachary has attended 8/8 practices this week and currently holds the highest attendance of our group since May. He considers every set seriously and practices each skill with attention all in order to make his strokes more efficient.

Our goal last week was eliminating pause in our strokes. These upcoming two weeks will be combined as one entire session. Our goals are 1) To master our quick Turnover, 2) To improve on dives and turns, and 3) To learn to hold onto our technique on our last 25m. We will be applying these skills in the North Shore Winter Club Meet. See you this week!


–          North Shore Winter Club Meet Sign-up Deadline: TODAY (June 22)

–          Drag Week (Bring a t-shirt/tank-top for use in practice): (June 23 Tuesday & June 26 Friday pm only)

–          Movie Night (June 25 Thursday 4pm, SilverCity)

Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

June 15th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Update from Coach Leo)

Hi Junior Reds,

Although we were a smaller group at the Boundary Bay Meet, I hope that everyone learned something from your races this weekend. Whether it was the length where you breathed off the wall, the dive that made your goggles fall off, the pause in our strokes due to breathing too long, or the length where your arms become so heavy you don’t seem to be moving forward, becoming aware of every factor that causes us to fall back to our habit of inefficient swimming is crucial for improvement. Once you know where your form falls apart, keep on practicing until it becomes consistent. It is difficult to do and may take a long time, but we will keep working together so I hope you will be encouraged and have fun during the process. Put all your energy and thought into improving your own technique.

In the previous two weeks, our main focus was all about L-O-N-G strokes and Explosive Turnover. The key is to reduce any pause and to set up quickly for the next pull. As a group, we need to be more aggressive in our strokes when racing.  There is pausing in each of our strokes for different reasons. We will be working on quicker breathing in freestyle, a smoother roll in backstroke, and getting ready for our next pull after the glide in breaststroke. The focus of this week will be getting rid of PAUSE. The goal of Ladner Super 7 is to have a faster 1st 25m right from the start.

I will also be introducing the 3 categories of “Swimmers of the Meet”. I will put your name here on the website. I hope everyone will strive towards this!

Most outstanding performance: swimmer who ranks in the top 8, explosive swimming
Most improved (time): swimmer who takes off the most time with respect to the previous swim meet
Most improved (technique): swimmer who applies the skills and tips learned in practice into races consistently


–          Swimmer of the Week details and Season Update can be found here. It will start today (June 15)!

–          Attend as many practices as possible. Our group attendance average is 3/8 practices a week.

–          North Shore Winter Club Meet Sign-up deadline (June 22)