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JD Red Update from Coach Ian

July 26th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on JD Red Update from Coach Ian)

Hello, JD Reds!

We are coming up on the last week of swim practice.  I want you all to know that it has been a privilege to be your coach this summer.  All of you come to practice with great enthusiasm and you always give %110 when you’re in the water!  It has been a ton of fun, and I hope you will all continue swimming with Kigoos in the Tsunami season and next summer!

This week is the JD Olympics theme.  An email has been sent out with the details.  Please be at the pool at 4:30 on Monday so that we can organize teams and make our posters.  Wednesday is the Red&White Meet (more info to come).  The JD Triathlon will take place en lieu of Friday morning practice and I hope to see you all there.  Please arrive on time (no later than 6:50) so that we can get everyone organized.  Friday afternoon will be the JD Wind-up party.  Feel free to bring any snacks you want and we will also be doing our scoops rewards!

It’s been a great summer coaching you all!

Best wishes,

Coach Ian

JD Red Update from Coach Ian

June 9th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on JD Red Update from Coach Ian)

Hey, JD Reds!

Great job to everyone who swam at the Icebreaker this past weekend!  You all put in your best effort and I was super happy to see that you all kicked super-fast in every one of your races!  If you have any questions about your times, feel free to ask me. At future meets, please remember to come and speak to me before and after your race.

This week we’ll be focusing mostly on technique, particularly for Breastroke.  We’ll be doing more work on our Freestyle and Backstroke starts, turns and finishes, as well as introducing the Butterfly stroke.

Please remember to wear runners for warm-up and bring a bottle of water for practice.

This Thursday, June 11th, is photo day and it would be awesome if our entire group could make it!  Also, the week after on June 17th is the JD North Delta meet.

JD Red Update from Coach Ian

June 4th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on JD Red Update from Coach Ian)

Hey, JD Reds!

This past week has been awesome!  Our Freestyle and Backstroke are getting better and you’ve all done spectacular with our 4×25 time trials!  Keep it up!  Our dives and turns are coming along nicely.  Remember to keep your heads down on your dives and our knees tucked in fast for our turns.

Remember to bring running shoes and a bottle of water to practice, and always push off the wall in your streamlines.

This weekend is the Icebreaker, the first meet of the season, and I hope you are all as stoked as I am for it.  Please check with me at the coaches’ table before and after your race so I can give you your times and a few pointers.  This Friday is our Posters & Cheers night where will be making posters for the Icebreaker and practicing our cheers so that we are the loudest at the meet.

Keep up the great work!  I’ll see you at the pool!


Coach Ian

Coach Ian’s Message for JD Reds

May 26th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Ian’s Message for JD Reds)
Hey JD Reds!
We have had an awesome first two weeks so far!  Everyone is working really hard on their kicks, arms, and drills for Freestyle and Backstroke, and you all have really good streamline starts off every wall.  Keep it up!  Remember to bring a water bottle and running shoes to practice.  Also, make sure that you are always kicking and that you finish the set ALL THE WAY INTO THE WALL.
This week we will be working on our breastroke, turns, and dives as Icebreaker approaches.  We will also be starting our 50m kick challenge where we challenge our best time for continuous, fast flutter kicks.
Don’t forget about the Mock Meet this Saturday.  For those families that are new to the club, this is a great way to learn how a swim meet functions and get used to the racing environment.  Check the club website for the schedule and be sure to stick around for the breakfast waffles afterwards.
See you on deck!
Coach Ian