Welcome Junior A

Hey Junior A’s!

I hope everyone enjoyed their first week back to swimming this summer! For those who do not already know me or those who need a reminder, I’m Coach Ashley. I have been a part of the club for over ten years now and I am very excited to be coaching Junior A this year. This season will look a little different with COVID, although you have all been doing a great job of following protocols so far. Keep it up!

My overall goals for the season are to improve technique with our swimming skills, gain confidence in our strokes, work on endurance and bettering our times, all while having fun. Being a competitive swimmer myself for twelve years, I really enjoyed the competitive aspect of the sport. Despite the absence of meets this season, I still want to ensure the fun racing aspect of the sport, so I will be incorporating occasional timed races into practices to monitor improvement in your times. I was very pleased with everyone this first week and enjoy working with such an energetic, communicative and gregarious group of Juniors. This past week we have focused on our freestyle, backstroke, dolphin kick, streamline and have worked heavily on turn technique. We were able to practice both our freestyle and backstroke flipturns this week and we are beginning to be more consistent with our underwater dolphin kick off the walls.

Thank you to everyone for bringing their water bottles to practice and for showing up on time! Please make an effort to show up on time and attend as many practices as possible this season as we only have 3 practices a week together. I have been very happy with the attendance so far! Next week, I hope to work on butterfly and touch turns. I see so much potential in each and every of you and can’t wait to watch everyone develop their skills over this summer season. See you all next practice!

Coach Ashley

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