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Coach Andre with a Message for the Senior A’s

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Its been a great first month and a half to the season. This part of the season is always about working out the kinks in one’s strokes and getting back in shape. It is best not to look at times or numbers yet as we haven’t even swam a meet with finals yet.
Coming into the Ladner Super7 meet, those who have come to every possible training session should find confidence in their fitness. Those who haven’t made every practice should be using this meet as a weekend of “high quality training”.
My favourite coach, Dr. Peter Viszolyi at UVIC, always reminded me that in-season meets remained important because they were a chance for “the highest form of training”. I never truly understood this concept as an athlete as I tended to have an “all or nothing” attitude to racing; but as a coach I am now seeing the importance of doing proper rehearsals of races while under a hard training load. Be composed, swim the race the right way, fitness will come but remain patient and stay committed to the process.
As swimmers, we need to remember we are training for Regionals and Provincials, best times do not need to be attained every weekend (although breakthroughs can come unexpectedly…). If we can improve on the form and strategy of our races we will have done the proper training compared to thrashing through the water in pursuit of “in-season” best times.
That being said, racing is the ultimate form of motivation. Always find motivation in swimming beside competitors, be it at Boundary Bay or at Regionals. After all, that is the most fun you will have in this sport.
Stay tuned, I will be naming the swimmers of the meet begining with Port Moody and through out the rest of the season.
Coach Andre

JD Silver – First meet today!

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Last week

First off, thank you to those who woke up bright and early for morning practices!

This past week we have done lots of long distance sets, 100m freestyle, 100 IM and long kick sets. The endurance skills you are building will improve your breathing patterns.  Keep up the great work JD Silvers I can see that it has already paid off because already our endurance has really picked up!


Reminder: Cash in your Kigoo bucks every Friday afternoon practice


This week

We are going to be practicing lots of dive 25 sprints.

We will be using the IPad this week to switch things up. It will mainly be used to focus on correcting dives, turns, and underwater pullouts. Expect to be doing lots of breastroke corrections this week!


See you at the first JD Meet today!

Kigoos Updates for June 17th

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JULY PRACTICE SCHEDULE – has now been posted HERE online
LADNER RELAYS – Relays this weekend at Ladner are super fun because there are no age or gender boundaries! That means we can have relays with people in different divisions or boy/girl relays. You can also put in an estimate time for your relay and the team who swims closest to their time wins a prize.

I have entered 20 medley relays and 20 freestyle relays. If you’d like to swim a relay with your friends, parents, siblings, etc., please talk to me at the pool or email me your relays (with the names of the relay members, and whether it will be a free or medley relay) and your estimate time by Thursday at 5pm. If you and your team want to do both a medley and a free, give me your first preference, and if there is space left for your team to do a second relay I will let you know.

*note: parents wanting to swim on a relay must be registered with the club already.

Get your relays in soon!

MEET PACKAGES ONLINE – If you want to know what events are on each day or other information about any meet – check out the meet packages.  All meet packages for the remainder of the season are now posted HERE.
JD MEET SIGN-UP – Last call to sign up for the July 2nd JD Meet in Ladner.  HERE is the direct link to sign-up.

Coach Ava’s Message to the Senior B’s

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Hi Sr. Bs,

Now that weekend meets are in full swing, it is more important than ever that you are attending as many practices as you can, getting good sleeps, and hydrating.

I think that the Ice Breaker was good for you guys to get a feel for where you stand compared to your competition. Now that you have a starting point, we can start to focus on specific races and times that you want to improve upon.

As a group we seem to be having some stamina troubles in the 100m and 200m races. This week we will be  focusing on longer distances in order to shave time off the second half of our 100m free, fly, back, breast, and 200 IM races.

I believe that two swimmers of the week are in order seeing as I am a bit behind with my blog posts.

The first is Sophia K. Soph has been practicing with intensity in recent weeks and it has been paying off in her races. Her consistently positive and inclusive attitude makes her a valuable team member and keeps Senior B ‘spicy’, as some would say.

Next is Brian C. Brian has shaved off minutes in time over the past two meets- very impressive! He has also exemplified good spirit by always trying his best in his races regardless of whether he was having a good or bad day.

Way to go guys! Stay posted for information about the upcoming club movie night!

Coach Alexis Looks Ahead to the JD Meet for the Coppers

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Hi JD Coppers!!

We only have one more practice until our first JD meet on Wednesday which means we are going to work super hard today. All of us are doing 25m’s of free and backstroke at the meet and we’re going to try and make sure to finish every length without stopping or fixing our goggles. So come prepared to do a lot of full-stroke swimming today!
Also, all JD Coppers have at least two KigooBucks to spend at the “KigooMart” this Friday or to save up for more goodies later on in the season. Each of the coaches choose who receives a KigooBuck by deciding which swimmer has shown the most enthusiasm, improvement, or hardwork.
See you at practice!

Sabrina and the Bronze Group

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Hello JD Bronzes!!

I hope you all had a wonderful time at Boundary Bay this weekend!

I have been really happy with attendance this past month! Keep it up!

This upcoming week, we will continue to focus on free and back, but we will begin to learn a little breaststroke kick too!

As most of you know, all the coaches have begun handing out KIGOO BUCKS. This is a ‘dollar bill’ that you receive if your coach thinks you have shown improvement, hard work and/or a good attitude! KigooMart is open every Friday after JD practice so that you can take your KigooBucks and buy some sweet goodies! (Or you can save up your money!)

I can’t wait to see you all on the deck! :)


Coach Leo and the Week Ahead for Intermediate B’s

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Hi Intermediate B’s,

It was a busy weekend competing at the B4 swim meet. Those of you who are new to Kigoos are now getting used to waking up early for warm-ups, waiting for your events at marshalling, and coming to see me before and after races. As mentioned in my previous blog post, racing is not only insightful to coaches but also to all members of the swim club. Athletes apply what they’ve practiced into races and know exactly when they get tired. I observe and mark down the skills that were lacking in the races and practice them with you during the week so you can perform better at the next meet. Parents are able to see your results and races. So take the opportunity to attend as many swim meets as possible because the more you race, the more experience you will gain as an athlete. I will also obtain more data to best focus our training for you individually and as a group. 

Boundary Bay Swimmer of the Meet
Most outstanding performance: Aisha H & Apaar S
Most improved (time): Rachel C & Timothy C
Most improved (technique): Lily Z 

Congratulations to:
• Aisha won the 50 breast B Event and Apaar placed 3rd and 5th in 50 free and 50 fly B Events respectively. 
• Rachel took off a total of 28.16 seconds and Timothy took off a total of 24.46 seconds. 
• Lily is quickly improving with her butterfly. She maintained her breathing pattern for the first 25 of her 50m fly race which resulted in taking off 10 seconds.

Great effort to everyone who attended this weekend. Our races have only just begun so keep on putting in your effort in practice and in races!  

Our theme of this week will be the W.U.B (Walls, Underwater, Breakout). One of the reasons why we raced poorly in backstroke was because we were unable to kick off the wall with maximum power, unable to do 4-5 underwater dolphin kick inconsistently, and unable to hold our breath for our breakout in our 100m free. Remember that we want to maintain our momentum and all these 3 skills help to do exactly just that. 

We will be using fins this week, please bring your own fins if you have them. If not, please bring a pair of extra socks to use with the Club Fins because they are very old. See you this week! – Coach Leo 

Important Announcements:
• Port Moody Sign-up deadline TODAY (June 16) 
• Bring Runners and Water Bottle to all practices 
• Swimmer of the Week Details will be given on Friday (June 20)

Kigoos Welcome a New Partner

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The Kigoos are pleased to welcome  Empower Physiotherapy as a new partner.

#105-3800 Chatham Street
Richmond, BC V7E 2Z3
You can learn see all our partners and learn more about our recognition opportunities with the Richmond Kigoos here.

Kigoos Updates – June 11th

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1)  JD Meet Reminder – today is the final day to sign-up for the White Rock JD Meet on June 25th.  So far we only have about 14 swimmers signed up.  Click HERE to sign-up for this meet or any other upcoming meet.  

2)  Update to the Boundary Bay Meet – Please note the meet will now start at 8 AM and there will be no relays on Saturday.  There are really high numbers for the meet – so you may want to arrive early.
3)  Photo day – Final Reminder that the Kigoos Photo Day is today.  See the website for the alternate schedule.  The form is linked HERE.
4)  We will have our monthly planning meeting next Monday, June 16th at the Steveston Community Centre starting at 7:30 pm.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  We will largely focus this month on debriefing the Ice Breaker and  planning for the upcoming JD Meet.  If you haven’t left you meet feedback on Ice Breaker, we would love to hear from you – HERE is the feedback link.
It is great to see we have over 100 swimmers at Boundary Bay this weekend and over 120 swimmers attending the Super 7 Meet next weekend at Watermania.

Kigoos Pub Night

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Save the Date!

This year’s Annual Kigoos Pub Night Fundraiser is Thursday July 10th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Your tickets will be distributed in a few weeks! How can you help make this a great Fundraising event for Kigoos?

Sell More Tickets – A night of fun for you,  your friends and family who would like to support Kigoos and have great chances to win some awesome prizes.  Please email me at for more tickets!

Some Great Prizes you could win  –  Canucks Team Autographed Jersey, Daniel Sedin Autographed Jersey, $450 Gift Certificate for Shock Indoor Paintball, $350 Gift Certificate for Aru Spa and much more!  We will accept cash or cheque to pay for  Silent Auction items.

Cake Auction – Awesome, yummy cakes to bid for.  Details to come on how you can donate!

50/50 draw  – How lucky are you?  Last year the big lucky winner won over $300!

We Need More Prizes – If you, or the company you work for, can donate something for our Raffle or Silent Auction, please email me at as soon as you can and I will send you a Kigoos Fundraising letter. Thanks so much!   Sonja Dong Kigoos Pub Night Coordinator