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Coach Ava and the Week Ahead for Senior B’s

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Your attendance has improved over the past week- thank you.

Our swimmer of the week is Charlie N. Charlie has been working hard since day one in the pool and it is paying off as he is showing a large improvement since our first practice together. Way to go Charlie!

I am in Montreal until Wednesday for my graduation ceremony. Coaches Julia, Andre and Maddie are taking over for me while I am gone.

Posters and cheer night is this Friday, you guys are all expected to be there. Please email me if you cannot come.

See you all soon!

Some Updates from Junior B Coach Julia

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Some updates regarding the Kigoos Icebreaker Swim Meet happening on June 7th and 8th:


  • Although the sign up date has passed, you are still able to register in the swim meet. Since it is our meet, I have spoken to Danna and we are able to make exceptions on late entries. This will not be the case for any other meets, so please do pay attention to the other meet sign up deadlines. If you would still like to be registered in our meet, please email myself ( or Danna at I will be away from Friday the 30th until the evening of Sunday June 1st, so if you are emailing on or after Friday please direct your message to Danna instead of myself.
  • Since the past three weeks of our practices have been spent developing freestyle, backstroke, and breastroke skills, all of the Junior B swimmers should be capable of swimming those three strokes in the swim meet. This means that I will enter all swimmers (of those who are registered in the meet) in 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke, and 50 breastroke. Of course this is dependant on which days the swimmer will be attending the meet (ex: attending only Saturday, only Sunday, or both days), but if they will be around for any of those events then they will be registered in them. These races are only two lengths each and I am confident that each and every swimmer will be able to do them. We have been working on starts and turns as well as some sprinting, and we will continue to work on these aspects as we progress into next week to prepare for this upcoming swim meet. However, if there are any issues with those three events, please come talk to me tomorrow (Thursday) before or after practice, or feel free to send me an email. Please keep in mind that as of the morning of Friday the 30th I will be away and unable to answer or attend to your email, so if you are emailing on or after Friday please direct your messages to
  • There are three more events in the swim meet that the Junior Bs would be eligible to swim, and these three events are 100 freestyle, 50 butterfly, and 100 IM. Any of these events are optional, but if your swimmer(s) would be interested in swimming any, or multiple, of these events please let me know and the request will be gladly accommodated. Once again, I am available to speak to tomorrow (Thursday) on deck and can be reached by email tonight and all of tomorrow, but as of Friday the 30th please send your emails to Danna as I will be unable to answer.


Thank you, and I’m looking forward to the first swim meet of our season!

Coach Andre Has Some Video Homework for his Swimmers

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Starts and Walls:

As summer swimmers, we need to remember that our explosiveness off of walls and starts will determine the tempo we set for that length of swimming. If we start slow, we do not have enough water to regain tempo and the race will be lost (either to an opponent, or to the clock). If we swim slowly INTO the walls, we will not have enough momentum to break out properly.

You can try to swim slow into a wall, turn slowly, and rely on leg strength to push off a wall strong and regain speed, but unfortunately our bodies recognize momentum and cannot go from slow to fast very well in water. That is the nature of the sport, as opposed to baseball or football, where athletes go from a very still position to explosive and varied movements; swimming speed is about carrying momentum and accelerating beyond the tempo that has been set from the previous stroke (or dolphin kick) while maintaining identical technique.



The best strategy is to treat walls as being as important as any swimming stroke. As a coach, I am concerned with teaching the proper technique of your stroke and the dolphin kick motion. But one thing I cannot teach is the mentality needed in short course swimming to break out explosively, maintain momentum into walls, turn fast, and then go for another break out. This power needs to come from the motivation to race and compete.


These are some of my favorite races featuring great breakouts and turns. The swimmers started the race (and each length) KNOWING they would have an excellent swim. This is the proper mentality of breakouts.


Ian Crocker: World Record 100 Fly

Watch how far ahead Crocker is of Phelps after ONE stroke. This is the greatest swim of all time in my opinion.


Natalie Coughlin: World Record 100 Back

Watch how aggressive Coughlin is off the start, in to the turn, and off the wall. Once she breaks out of her streamline she becomes the definition of “easy speed”. Its unreal how fast her legs “snap” over her when she does her flip turn. There is some cool footage of her start and turn after the race.


Kosuke Kitajima: 100 Breaststroke


This is great footage of a proper breaststroke turn. He spends the least amount of time possible on the wall, letting his body cut through the water quickly so he can bring his feet to the wall and place them for a push off. Watch the timing and power of the dolphin kick in the under water pullout.


Ian Crocker 100 YARD Free, American Championships 2007

Bad footage, but this is the worlds best BUTTERFLY swimmer winning USA nationals in FREESTYLE off of the most powerful under water dolphin kicks in history. Not a great freestyler, but a great all around short course racer.


The BEST way to get better at swimming is to become a student of a sport. Thanks to the internet, the resources to study are endless (it can almost become too much). But if you are passionate about going faster and being stronger in the water, I recommend watching the world’s greatest and trying to analyze what made them so good, then implement those ideas into your own swimming.


The Coppers are Flipping Over

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For the past few weeks we’ve mainly been focusing on our front and flutter kick, but now it’s time to do some work on our back. This week is going to be all about our fast kicks on our back and being able to hold our body flat on the surface of the water – without letting our hips sink. We will still be working on our streamlines and dive progressions, but just a heads up that we’ll be looking up at the sky a lot this week!!
See you on deck!

A Great Start for the JD Golds

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It’s been an awesome start to the season, JD Golds!  Everyone is showing energy and enthusiasm to go fast!  We’re only two weeks out from Icebreaker!

Our freestyle and backstroke are coming along nicely.  Remember to roll your shoulders, head still, and reach with your arms.  Breathing every three strokes.  Keep pushing off the walls with 3 fast dolphin kicks and in tight STREAMLINE.

Coming up on Icebreaker, we will be focussing on lots of kick and our body position and stroke technique.  This week we will be going over breastroke kick, turns, and starts.  We will also be doing review on our Free and Back.

Make sure you come to warm up with a pair of running shoes and a bottle of water for practice.

Those of you who haven’t handed in your goal sheets yet, please get them to me as soon as possible.  If you haven’t gotten one yet, I have extras on-hand.

I will be starting to take attendance next week, so try to come to as many practices as possible!

I’ll see you guys at the pool

Mock Meet Details

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Below are a few updates regarding the Mock Meet happening this Saturday, May 31st at Steveston Pool.
Please do not forget to place your food orders by tomorrowWednesday May 29th. Sign-up is on the website.
We are asking that swimmers arrive at 6:45 am so that we can get sign-in done before warm-ups and cheers begin at 7 am.
There will be two heats of each race for each group respectively. For example, there will be two heats of Junior 50 freestyle, two heats of Intermediate 50 freestyle, and two heats of Senior 50 freestyle. Swimmers will be able to sign up for maximum two events during the sign up period.
The meet will run similar to a normal meet with the JD swimmers racing first, then Junior, followed by Intermediate, and Seniors going last for each event. Please arrive on time at 6:45 am so that we can organize the heats and get the meet started as soon as possible.
The first race will swim at approximately 7:50am, and the final race will finish at approximately 9:20am. This will allow the JDs to eat first, then Juniors, followed by Intermediates, and then Seniors.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email Coach Ava at
Thank you, we hope to see you all at the meet!

Club Updates for May 27th

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It is so great – we will have more than 160 swimmers at Ice Breaker – we will have about 90% of our swimmers participating.
We have a number of new items for today:
1)  You can get a Shark Club Card from Head Coach Danna that gives you 20% off at the Watermania Swim Shop – see her at the pool if you are interested
2)  We will be starting our dryland training with True Conditioning today.
Dryland times for this week will be:
Junior B: Friday, 5:30-6:00 pm (before practice)
Junior A: Friday, 5:00-5:30pm (after practice)
Intermediate B: Friday, 5:30-6:00pm (before practice)
Intermediate A: Tuesday, 6:30-7:00pm (before practice)
Senior B: Tuesday, 6:30-7:00pm (before practice)
Senior A: 7:30-8:00 pm (before practice)
3)  There are updated group lists posted HERE on the website and the June Practice schedule is posted HERE.  You will see the June practice schedule includes training with True Conditioning.
4)  We are looking for someone to shadow the “Food for Officials” position who would take over the position next year.  We are also looking for 3 volunteers to assist with food preparation in-advance of the Ice Breaker.  If you are interested in either of these opportunities please contact  Joanne Nicholson at – 604-816-8254
5)  We do need help with sponsors.  The Kigoos sponsorship package is posted HERE.  For companies that wish to take full advantage of recognition opportunities, the deadline is this Thursday so that we can ensure inclusion in the Icebreaker program.
It is a busy couple weeks as we lead up to Ice Breaker.  We plan to post the sign-up sheets for volunteers by Friday.

True Conditioning Starts This Week

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We will be starting our dryland training with True Conditioning this week.
Dryland times will be:
Junior B: Friday, 5:30-6:00 pm (after practice)
Junior A: Friday, 5:00-5:30pm (after practice)
Intermediate B: Friday, 5:30-6:00pm (before practice
Intermediate A: Tuesday, 6:30-7:00pm (before practice)
Senior B: Tuesday, 6:30-7:00pm (before practice)
Senior A: 7:30-8:00 pm (before practice)
See the June practice schedule for times starting next week.

Clubs Coming to Ice Breaker

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The updated files for club registration are available here: under the Ice Breaker Meet.

June Swim Practice Schedule and Updated Swim Groups

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The June Practice Schedule is now posted:

The updated Swim Groups are also now posted: