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Tater Tots Summer Swim Program

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What to expect:


This seven week intensive swim program is designed for young swimmers to learn and build on the fundamentals of swimming. While this program aims to help younger children be more comfortable in the water, and to establish the key fundamental skills in swimming that are necessary to improve quickly, this program is not meant as direct stepping stone into our Junior Development program and should not be treated as such.


Preference will be given to younger siblings of Kigoos families as well as Kigoos Alumni on a first come, first serve basis. All swimming will be done in the small teaching pool at Steveston Outdoor Pool.


Due to limited pool space we only have room for a total of 18 swimmers. Each session is 30 minutes long and your swimmer will be assigned either the first or second half hour of the stated times and will be notified once registration is complete. The cost of the program is $100 and includes a Kigoos t-shirt




MondayWednesdayFriday from June 16th until July 30th (no sessions on Wednesday, July 9th or 23rd).  There are a total of 18 sessions.  Each session will be 30 minutes.  The program runs from 5 – 6 pm and swimmers will be assigned to the first or second half hour.


Please note:


Swimmers are expected to be on deck and ready to swim at the posted time. They should have goggles and a swim suit. Parents must be on deck for the duration of the practice to care for their child if needed.


The deadline for registration is Monday, June 9th (or until the program sells out)


For more information contact Coach Ava by email at  Click HERE to register.  Participants will be notified which timeslot they are assigned to no later than the end of the day on June 11th.

Get to Know Coach Julia and Her Junior B Expectations

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If you weren’t able to attend the Meet the Coaches session after our morning practice this Saturday, here is a summarized version of some points I covered.

A little bit about myself

  • This is my 10th year being part of Kigoos – I trained with the club and have fond memories of my experience, the friends, and the competition. I qualified for provincials every season and placed first two years in a row at provincials for 50 meter butterfly.
  • This is also my 5th year coaching – I coached JD for three years and this is now my second year coaching the Junior B group, and I am happy to be back.
  • I am a french immersion student who graduated from McMath high school in June 2013, and I am currently attending UBC and will be entering my second year of studies this September.


  • Please do your best to arrive on time to practices, and come prepared with running shoes, comfortable clothing (for stretching/running/yoga), water, and sunscreen on sunny days. Sometimes we will be doing dryland activities in the back field, which is why it is especially important to have proper footwear and clothing.
  • I am aware that there are many other commitments at this time, but please try to come to 4-5 practices per week. We are focusing on developing and improving our basic skills each practice, which is why it is important that your child try to attend as many practices as they can in order to keep progressing at a steady pace with the rest of the group.
  • Please respect the other swimmers in the water, as well as your coach. If there are any issues with this they will not be tolerated, and will be addressed by myself or directed to Danna to solve the problem.


  • I would like everyone to be proud of their progress and swimming by the end of the summer, no matter how fast they go. We are going to be working on lots of technique, and at this stage, even though going fast can be fun, I want to make sure we are all swimming correctly. Once we have developed the proper basic skills for each stroke, then we will focus more on speed. As of now, my focus is the little (but very important things!) such as streamlines, body and head position, lots of kick, and proper starts, turns, and finishes.
  • I have handed out “get to know me” sheets, and I will be continuing to hand them out next week. Please take the time to think about the goal section. Think about something you want to improve upon or accomplish this summer, and we can try to accomplish it together as a group. Once you have completed the sheet, please bring it back to practice and return it to me.

Other than that, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am around on deck but can also be reached by email, and all of our contact information is available online. I will have a new blog post around every week on this website, so it may be handy for you and your swimmer(s) to read over it together to see what is coming up in terms of practice plans and what to expect.

Thanks for a great start to the season so far! See you on deck.

Some Friday Kigoos Updates

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1)  The “Meet the Coaches” sessions will be immediately following your child’s group practice tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  So the first meetings are with Intermediate A and B parents at 8 AM and they continue throughout the morning.
2)  We are looking for 2 mature and responsible Intermediate or Senior swimmers to help out with the Tater Tots this season, starting June 16. They will be practicing Monday,Wednesday, and Friday from 4:45-6pm. It is necessary that you be at all of the practices.

Due to limited space, we only have room for 2 volunteer coaches. No previous coaching experience is required.

If you are interested in helping out with the Tater Tots this summer, please send a short explanation of why you would like to volunteer with the Tater Tots to Coach Ava at

Applications are due by June 1st, and candidates will be contacted with a response no later than June 4th.

3)  A new expanded Tater Tot program will run from mid-June until the end of July, 3 days a week.  Full details and registration will be out next week.
Food orders for the Mock Meet are due Wednesday, May 28thCLICK HERE to place your orders.

Be sure to register for the Ice Breaker and other June Meets.  So far we have about 80 swimmers registered for the Ice Breaker but we will hopefully have almost all swimmers in the club signed up by the Monday deadline.  HERE is the link.

Coach Alexis Has the Coppers Kicking

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We’re off to a great start JD Copper!!
I know that we’ve been working a lot on our kick so our legs must be pretty sore, but kicking is extremely important for body position, endurance, and muscle strength. We’re going to be moving onto how to breathe when we’re swimming freestyle, and some of our arms soon. Since there aren’t that many of us in the group, there is a lot of one-on-one time with me and the swimmers. This is great because everyone will gets very specific feedback and corrections.
And yes, we will be playing lots of games but come to the pool ready to swim a lot too!

Coach Ava Wants to See More of Her Senior B’s

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 I would like to begin by highlighting the lack of attendance that we have been experiencing since the season started. There has yet to be a practice where even 3/4 of the group has been in attendance, and out of 22 swimmers, I have had maximum 3 at morning practice.
I understand that you guys are busy with school and other sports, but out of respect for teammates and coaches please start to make more of an effort to come to at LEAST 4 practices per week. I have only had one swimmer email me to acknowledge her absence, which means that there should be 21 of you attending practice regularly.
As of Saturday (May 24), I will begin to take attendance. At the end of each month there will be a prize for the swimmer who attends the most practices throughout that month. Seeing as the month of May is almost over, next week’s attendance will be added on to June.
Señor B’s Spicy Swimmer of the Week will begin this Saturday as well. This Spicy Swimmer award will be given to the athlete that puts in the most effort during practice, maintains a sportsmanlike attitude, and who stands out positively in some way from the his or her teammates.
In the upcoming week we will continue to speed things up and perfect our technique. As the week comes to an end our focus will shift to turns, dives, starts, and finishes, so please make sure that you are at practice!


Coach Julia Sees Junior B’s Off to a Great Start

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Hello Junior Bs… First of all, I would like to say a big congratulations to all of you! I am very impressed and happy with the effort you guys have shown at our practices so far – we’re off to a great start and I’m eager for the season to continue. We have been spending lots of time on our kick and streamlines and I’m seeing some improvements already, which is awesome. As we move into the next week of practices, we are still going to be working on those two items, as well as continuing our freestyle and backstroke, and we are now also going to be introducing breastroke! I am aware that there are many other commitments other than swimming at this time of year, but please try your best to come to as many practices as possible. I will be handing out get to know me/goal sheets in the next week, so start thinking about some things you wish to accomplish this year in swimming and then we can work on them together! Let’s keep up the great work and see you on deck!

Mock Meet and More

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3 updates for today:

1)  The link was broken in yesterday’s email linking to the important document on meet registrations and cancellations.  You can find it here.  Also while you are there, sign-up for the Ice Breaker and other June Meets

2)  The Kigoos Mock Meet is coming next Saturday, May 31st – and this year we want ALL swimmers to be part of the event.

We are inviting ALL FAMILIES to participate in the Annual Mock Meet Waffle breakfast to be held on the 31st of May from 9 – 10am at the Steveston Pool. Whether you are a returning family with many years of Kigoos’ experience, or new to the club, this is the perfect opportunity to come and hang out and eat some delicious food.

Menu :  a hot breakfast of  Steveston’s very own  Damien waffles covered in strawberries, whipped cream and warm syrup and served with sausages and hot chocolate. Choose from a “Superhero”(2 waffles for $5.75) or “Mighty Mouse”(1 waffle $3.50) menu.  Starbucks coffee and Tazo Chai tea lattes will also be available for $1.25.

CLICK HERE to place your orders.  Deadline is next Wednesday, May 29th.

As usual, please bring your own cups, plates and cutlery. As we are ordering our supplies based on your confirmations, please ensure that any cancellations are sent by email no later than 24 hours before the event to avoid a fee.

Sign-in for swimming will be at 6:45, and warm-ups and cheers will run from 7:00-7:30. We will then run through  races from 7:30-9:00 with food to follow.  Don’t forget to bring:

  • Extra towels (you’ll be in and out of the pool, so you don’t want to be using the same wet/cold towel each time)
  • Warm clothes
  • Water and extra snacks
  • Your loudest voice!

This is a great opportunity to practice being in a meet-type situation before our big weekend, and to race against your friends!

3)  We are looking for 6 volunteers for the Posters and Cheers event held on Friday the 6th of June(the night before the Ice Breaker). The shift is from 4.30-6.30pm and we will be serving pizza and drinks to our members.

Kigoos Ice Breaker – Meet Package

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We are looking forward to welcoming clubs from Fraser South and beyond to our Ice Breaker Meet on June 7th and 8th.  You can find the Meet Package here.


Updates for May 22nd

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1)  This Saturday will be the “Meet the Coaches” sessions for all parents.  Sessions will be before or after practice times.  A list of times will be emailed out in advance.  Hopefully we can have a large turnout of parents as coaches review expectations for the year.

2)  A separate email will be out later today or early tomorrow about the May 31st Mock Meet.  We are hoping all Kigoos will attend this club-only mini-meet.

3)  The meet sign-ups for the June weekend meets are now posted HERE.  The process is the same as last year.  The first cut-off is next Monday for Ice Breaker.  We are hoping ALL Kigoos will sign-up for the Ice Breaker.  Please also read an important bulletin HERE about meet sign-ups, cancellations and relays.

4)  The sign-up is also posted for the first JD Meet.  JD swimmers are allowed to swim at weekend meets but should double check with their and will have to be comfortable swimming on their own.

If you have any questions about upcoming meets, or meet sign-ups, please see your coach or Head Coach Danna.

Coach Maddie and the Week Ahead for Intermediate A’s

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I’d like to begin by congratulating you on making it through your first week of training! It’s been a long time since some of you have been in the pool and working as hard as we are, and I am very impressed with the level of intensity that you guys are giving each practice. Let’s keep this motivation and positivity up for the rest of the summer.
Secondly, I’d like to introduce my philosophy for our training this summer: We are training to be thoughtful swimmers. The work you put in determines the results that you will have. Swimming is a sport of process and outcome.”
Our main focus will be on the ideas of process and outcome, and how they affect each other in regards to many aspects of the sport. I have based our season plan around this statement, so expect to be hearing it quite a bit!
Some quick notes:
  • I am expecting that you are trying to make at least five out of the seven scheduled practices each week, that is 71% attendance for the week. This ties in heavily with our process and outcome theme for the summer. Unlike other sports where you can attend a few practices a week and still do well, swimming is not like that. Every practice you miss is taking away from your long term progress! So please try and make as many practices as possible. I do understand that you are all still in school, play other sports, and have other commitments, so if you do need to skip practice please let me know beforehand.
  • Please make sure that you are bringing a water bottle to practice! It is important to stay hydrated throughout practice to help maintain our bodies while training.
  • Please talk to me! I am here to support you through the season and would like to hear from all of you. If you have questions about what we’re doing in practice, how you’re doing individually, or anything else, please come and see me at the pool or send me an e-mail.
This week (May 19th-25th) we will be focusing on goal setting and creating our own personal mantras for the summer. I will be handing out goal sheets on Tuesday or Wednesdaynight, so please make sure you’re at practice to grab one.
In the pool, this week is a butterfly and breaststroke week. We will be focusing on body momentum through the water, and how well we are pulling and kicking in each stroke.
Parents – I am very happy to be coaching your kids this summer. Like I said if you have any questions regarding practices, meets, or anything regarding pool activities, please send me an email I will do my best to reply within 24 hours. Any emails sent after 10pm will be answered the following.
I’d like to leave you with a video from my favourite motivational speaker Tony Robbins on focus, which is something you’ll be needing for the rest of the season:

Stay focused and see you on deck,
Coach Maddie