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60th Anniversary – Get Your Tickets Now!

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Richmond Kigoos Swim Club are thrilled to announce our 60th Diamond Anniversary Dinner Party taking place down on the Steveston Waterfront, at the Historic Seine Net Loft.

Doors to the party will open at 7PM, where there will be a well-stocked Fuggles and Warlock and BC wine cash bar and an exquisite Kansas City Style BBQ prepared by Steveston’s very own Hogshack.

The evening is sure to be a trip down memory lane, reconnecting former swim mates and their crazy swim parents, amidst the back drop of authentic vintage Kigoos race day video action footage and dancing to the last 6 decades of music.

The famous Kigoos cake auction, 50/50, Silent Auction will figure prominently in the fundraising activities.

Plus entrance to the party also includes the opportunity to settle old scores, with registered admission to a short alumini swim meet beforehand at the Steveston Outdoor pool.

If you are participating in the Alumni Swim off, please indicate on the registration. Your name(s) will be checked off at the pool entry registration table.

RSVP tickets by Eventbrite: $30 CASH ONLY – pay at the door (Seine Net Loft)  RESERVE YOUR TICKETS HERE

4PM Meet and Greet at Steveston Outdoor Pool

5PM First swim race starts

6:30PM Swim meet ends

7PM Doors Open at Seine Net Loft Heritage Site 5180 Westwater Drive

10PM Party ends

Registration – 2019 is NOW OPEN

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Registration is now open for the Summer of 2019.  You can find all the information HERE.

There are no fee increases for this year and registration procedures have remained the same.  Please read the details carefully on the Registration page.

We are open for returning members until February 28th and open registration starts on March 1st!

Register Now for Winter Swim Maintenance

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Registration for our Winter Swim Program is now open.   Hopefully many of our swimmers will continue with our winter program – Tsunami.  It is an amazingly good deal and a chance to continue to learn from a coaching staff led by Head Coach Emmy.  
Here are the details:

Registration for Tsunami is  online and open to returning and new swimmers. Fees are $235 per swimmer for returning swimmers. The fees for new families will be $480 (this includes a $40 insurance fee and the $205 deposit towards the 2019 summer season) . For newly registering siblings of current Kigoos members, the cost will be $275.  This will cover the insurance and registration costs.

Families who wish to register siblings will need to attend the assessments on October 6th  (details below).

Tsunami is run out of Watermania from the first weekend in October until the end of March.

Swim sessions will be on Saturdays and Sundays.

After the positive feedback from last season, we are using the same model.  We will have one hour of JD and then people will self-select into the other hours.   In early September we will put out a call for time sign-up once we see our early registration and know how many hours we will need.  You will also see we are trying to go one hour earlier than in past years.

The tentative schedule is:

JD – 3:45 – 5:00

Juniors / Intermediates / Seniors  – 4:45- 6:00 or 5:45 – 7:00 or 6:45 – 8:00 (if necessary)

The coaching staff will be led by Head Coach Emmy, and other staff will be added based on enrollment.

For new swimmers the assessments will be held at Watermania on Saturday October 6th t from 3:30 – 4:00 at Watermania.

This is the link for registration:

Thanks Everyone! 

Intermediate White Update from Coach Hailey

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Hi Intermediate White’s,

Congratulations to everyone who completed Hell Week and for helping to save Princess Peach from Bowser! I am so impressed with everyone’s effort at practice these past couple weeks and I’m super excited to see all your hard work pay off at regionals.

Another congrats to Simon T. and Lindsay L. for receiving swimmer of the week over the past few weeks. Simon had an amazing 200 I.M. at the Surrey meet getting a best time and making finals and Lindsay had perfect attendance and amazing effort throughout all of Hell Week. Great job to both of you!

Also, please make sure to check your events for regionals to make sure they are all correct. I hope everyone had fun at North Delta today see you all tomorrow!

Coach Hailey

JD Red Update from Coach Lucy

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Hey JD Reds!

Awesome work last week during our JD fun week! Almost our entire group came to every practice. This Friday we will be having our JD party to celebrate the end of fun week and our attendance this past week with scoops!

Regionals is coming up and I am very excited to see our hard work this season pay off! We have been doing very well at the past couple of meets, taking off lots of time and having a couple swimmers compete in finals!

Next week we will be focusing on turns and dives, as this is something our group struggles with and would be awesome to improve before regionals. I would like to see everyone coming out to as many practices as possible. Again, morning practices are great opportunities for one on one time with a coach!!!

See you all at the pool!

Coach Lucy

JD Update from Coach Alexis

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This Friday, July 27th, is the JD party!
Right after JD practice there will be scoops and pizza behind the pool on the grass field to celebrate the season and the amazing job that everyone did during Incredibles Fun Week. We will be playing some games all together and be ready to see some of the Incredibles for the last time this season! The party starts at 6:00pm and ends at 7:30pm so be sure to pick up your swimmers on time.
For every practice that you attended during Incredibles Fun Week you will have the option of a scoop of ice cream and toppings. All the ice cream and toppings will be gluten free and nut free and there will be options of popsicles/freezies for those who are allergic to dairy or are vegan. If you ordered pizza it will be there for after the scoops at around 6:20. There will be parent volunteers helping hand it out and collecting the money.
If you have any more questions about the party you can find Coach Sophia or Coach Alexis at the pool! We’re excited to see you there!

Senior White Update from Coach Alexis

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Hello Senior Whites!
The first week of Marvel Hell Week is officially over and everyone did an amazing job pushing through the tough sets and training with some of the most dedicated Avengers and SHIELD agents. This week we are continuing our training to be ready to defeat Thanos on Friday and to collect the rest of the Infinity Stones. Come prepared to continue to work hard at every practice.
Everyone did an amazing job at both Surrey and Wrasa these last two weekends. There were some stellar best times even though everyone was exhausted from Hell Week and all of the tough training sessions that we have been having. I am very proud of all of your accomplishments and know that we are all ready to have a great last two meets of the season. Although some of us have been feeling a little under the weather and have missed a few practices, this week is a great week to start getting back in the pool but always remember to take care of your injuries (icing, having a bath, getting enough sleep) and let me know whenever you need a break for your shoulders or leg cramps. I am very excited for the rest of the season and I hope you are too!
Swimmer of the Week: Matthew W!
Matthew came to every single practice, including the Grouse Grind and Triathlon, during this first week of Hell Week. He practices consistently and is always quietly encouraging the other swimmers in his lane during every practice. He has been steadily working hard throughout the entire season and is constantly smiling and ready to swim. Having such a positive attitude in the pool is amazing and his enthusiasm is infectious! Keep up the outstanding work Matthew!

Junior White Update from Coach Sophia

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Hey Junior Whites!

You all did amazing last week during hell week! Congratulations to the swimmers who completed the hell week as well as the ones who completed the triathlon and grouse grind! Every swimmer continues to impress and amaze me every practice.

As you all know regionals is coming up, which I’m super excited for. I have had a chance to speak privately with a majority of swimmers about their events but if I haven’t had a chance to speak to you come see my ASAP.

I will be holding a make-up practice for hell week THIS Thursday (July 26th). If you have previously talked to me about attending and doing the make-up practice make sure that you are there because this will be the only day it will be offered. Of course all other swimmers are encouraged to come and will be doing a separate practice that focuses on preparing for regionals.

See you on the pool deck!

Coach Sophia

Update from Senior Red Coach Michael

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Hi Sr Reds,

How’s it going…tired, I bet. That’s fine because we still got a couple of more days of hell week left. I am super proud of how all the Mortys are doing and pushing themselves to the limit. We have been working on sprint endurance and mid-distance training for all strokes. Now it’s time to focus on the minor details. Like tight turns, gliding off the walls, focusing on underwaters, and finishing with intensity. What we need to improve on is BRINGING WATER BOTTLES TO PRACTICE! I have yet to see all Mortys bring water consistently. I would like this to be a 100% by TODAY!

Other than that, we did a great job in prelims the last meet, however, as we did improve from Surrey we still need to do a better job getting ready for finals. The thing I saw that we need to do more of is staying off our legs and doing a quick activation in marshaling.  Besides that Great job to everyone who competed!

Let’s keep grinding!

Mike (RICK) J-S

Update from Coach Emmy

July 24th, 2018 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Update from Coach Emmy)

Hi Kigoos!

Congratulations everyone for completing one week of hell week! I am proud with the mental toughness and hard work that the Intermediate Red’s have displayed. After a tough week of training it was great to see so much positivity, perseverance, and sportsmanship at the meet. I am looking forward to another great week of training!

After one week of Hogwarts training, Ravenclaw leads by just three points and all houses are within ten points of being crowned the house cup. It will be a tight race to the finish! I encourage the swimmers to arrive 15 minutes early on Thursday and Friday as we hunt for the Philosopher’s stone and play the quidditch finals.  

I would like to congratulate the last two swimmers of the week, Emi N and Sierra L!

Emi quietly and consistently works hard, asking thoughtful questions and applying feedback. I have been impressed with her ability to push through discomfort and remain focused during tough sets. She swam to 100% best times at the Surrey meet achieving an impressive 4 PQT’s! Sierra has been steadily working hard since the beginning of the season. She often leads the lane, spreading positivity by never complaining or sitting out. Sierra is a good teammate first and a competitor second, often celebrating others achievements before her own. Way to go girls!

I hope to see everyone at Hero and Villains tomorrow. Remember to check your team and come dressed in costume.

See you at the pool!