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Poster and Cheers Night (June 1) Alternate Schedule

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Swim: 3:30-4:30  Posters: 4:45-5:15

Junior Red & White

Swim: 4:15-5:30  Posters: 3:45-4:15


Intermediate Red & White

Swim: 6:15-7:30 Posters: 7:30-8:00


Swim: 7:15-8:30 Posters: 6:30-7:00

Update from Head Coach Emmy

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Hi Kigoos!

I hope everyone had a good long weekend and are excited to get back to the pool and work hard this week!

The Intermediate Red’s spent week two focusing on backstroke and dolphin kick. We talked about starting the backstroke rotation before the arm enters, and pulling with a bent elbow catch, rather than a straight arm for a safer, and more efficient pull. We worked on and will continue to work on dolphin kick every day as it is used in every race and it extremely important for fast swimming. During our dolphin kick practice, we talked a lot about the importance of the up kick. We talked about using our hips and pulling the water up, feeling it on the back of our feet. It is easy to have a strong down kick, but the fastest dolphin kickers, have an equally strong up kick, which we will continue working to achieve. Here is a video demonstrating just how fast dolphin kick can be!

In week three we reviewed freestyle extension and focused on breaststroke kick. We worked on eliminating a wide breaststroke kick by pulling the legs back to achieve a narrow, and efficient kick. We focused on bringing the feet behind the body and knees inline with the hips and shoulders to eliminate drag. Here is a video discussing an efficient breaststroke kick. This week, we will continue to work on breaststroke with an emphasis on body position.

Finally, I would to congratulate Intermediate Red’s most recent swimmers of the week, Aden L and Jacob S. While Aden is the youngest, and smallest member of the group he has demonstrated a strong work ethic and that he has the knowledge of what is takes to get better and drive to apply it. He often has to work harder to keep up but he takes on this challenge with determination and positivity. Jacob has already made many improvements due to his winning attitude and work ethic. Jacob applies feedback immediately and doesn’t accept anything less than improvement. He encourages others and spreads his contagious attitude to the rest of the group. Way to go boys!

I hope to see everyone at the Mock meet this Saturday! Please remember to sign up online.



Intermediate White Update from Coach Hailey

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Hi Intermediate White’s,

You guys have had an awesome first two weeks! These past weeks we have worked a lot on streamlines and have gone over body position and kicking for all 4 strokes. These next few weeks I plan on incorporating underwaters, starts and turns into each stroke. I also want to work on building speed and endurance before the Icebreaker!

Last week I gave out the first Swimmer of the Week Award. This award will be given out to swimmers who demonstrate a positive attitude in practice, have good attendance, and come every day ready to learn and improve. I would like to congratulate Jia for being last week’s Swimmer of the Week! Throughout the week, she had very good attendance, always came to practice smiling and made an effort to incorporate all my feedback into her swimming. Keep it up, Jia!

Again, please remember to wear runners and bring water bottles to practice!

Coach Hailey

Kigoos Shoulder Injury Prevention Talk

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Empower Physiotherapy offered a session on Shoulder Injury Prevention on Saturday May 12th, 2018.   You can download the handout HERE.

Junior White Update from Coach Sophia

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Hey Junior Whites,

 Everyone had an awesome week last week, we worked on applying our kick, streamlines and under-waters to freestyle and backstroke. This upcoming week we will we working on body position within freestyle and backstroke and start touching upon breast stroke!

 Every week there will be a swimmer of the week chosen. This swimmer will earn a swimmer of the week cap. The swimmer of the week will be chosen based on;

–       Attitude

–       Listening Skills

–       Applying corrections

–       Effort

–       Being prepared for practice

This week’s swimmer of the week has had almost perfect attendance and has came to every practice ready to work (and run). She stays focused during practice and makes an noticeable effort to apply all corrections given to her. Congratulations to Maya O, keep up the good work! The Icebreaker is just around the corner so it’s important to continue bringing runners, water bottle and a good attitude to every practice!

 See you at the pool

 Coach Sophia

Kigoos Meet Files Now Available

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Visiting Clubs can download information here:



Stroke and Turn Clinics

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Stroke and Turn Clinic – Tuesday May 29th 7pm-9pm – Steveston Community Centre
This two hour clinic will prepare parents to act as officials for swim meets during the summer. The course will cover the rules of competition, and the on-deck philosophies and procedures for swim officials. It is important to attend this course annually if possible in order to be prepared for the competitive season. Instructors – Phil Freiberger and Lisa Ferguson

Starter & Ref Clinic – Wednesday, May 30th 7pm-9pm – Amenity Room of 12333 English Avenue. Parents are advised to walk over from the pool, as parking will be limited.
This clinic is aimed at experienced Stroke & Turn Officials who are ready to move into the role of Starter and Referee at Meets. If you have been on deck for several years, or have already been acting as a Starter, Referee, or DDO, this is the clinic for you. It is important to attend this course annually if possible in order to be prepared for the competitive season. Instructor – Zoe Stronge

Please email to register for either or both clinics.

Senior White Update from Coach Alexis

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Hello Senior White!
Everyone had an awesome week working on using the full extention of our kick and really buildimg up a strong body position in each of our strokes. In the coming weeks, the metres will be increased and we will be doing a few more sprints sets with the aim of keeping our technique strong while swimmig fast and long.
Every week there will be a swimmer of the week chosen who will receive a special cap with Swimmer of the Week written on it. The swimmer this week had excellent attendance (only missing one practice), always worked her hardest in the pool and dryland workouts, and immediately tried to apply feedback throughout the practices…congratulations Quinn W!! She is an awesome example for the other Seniors and the younger swimmers in the club and really exemplifies what it means to be a Kigoo.
Some reminders for the coming weeks – be sure to bring a water bottle to every practice and come ON TIME FOR DRYLAND with proper active wear. The Icebreaker is coming up quickly so please be sure to come to as many practices as you can and be ready to work hard!
See you on the pool deck,
Coach Alexis

Junior Red Update from Coach Jacob

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Hey Jr. Red!

Welcome to the 2018 Season! A little bit about me, my name is Jacob, I’ve been a Kigoo for 12 years and this is my 5th year coaching.
My general plan for this season is technique before speed/distance. In other words Jr. Red practices will be technically focus for the first month before we move into race focused practices.
A few things I ask for from all my swimmers:
1. Running Shoes and Water Bottles at all practices. (We will be doing plenty of running during our dryland warm-ups and we need to stay hydrated even in the pool)
2. Swimsuits on under our dryland clothes. We only have an hour in the water and we can’t be wasting that time getting changed into our swimsuits.
3. Come ready to train at all practices. We have 3 months to get ready for Regionals, so let’s put 110% into every set we do.
I’m really looking forward to this Swimming Season, if you ever have any questions please feel free to say “Hi” before or after any of the Jr. Red Practices or shoot me an email
PS. If you have your goal sheets I need those back ASAP, if you haven’t got one yet ask for one at practice.
-Coach Jacob

Week 2 Update from Head Coach Emmy

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Hi Kigoos!

Congratulations on a great first week everyone! It was great to see so many new and familiar faces around the pool and the swimmers working hard and having fun!

Last week Intermediate Red began the season by reviewing the basics of streamlining, flutter kicking and freestyle body position. Some of our focuses on these areas included:

Streamlines: holding the arms tight behind the head.  This elongates the shoulders forward and creates a ‘super streamline’ by bringing the arms together and fusing them to the back of the head.

Kicking: Keeping the legs as straight as possible, beginning the kick with the hips to activate the large muscles and relaxing the ankles to generate power and propulsion. We talked a lot about kicking in both directions more specifically focusing on the upward kick, which is generally much weaker than the downward kick. We will continue to work on flutter kick all season, as I believe fast kick frequently leads to fast swimming!

We also spent the last half of the week focusing on a high elbow catch in freestyle. Dropping the elbow in swimming is one of the most common mistakes made. This means that after entering the water and extending forward, the swimmer drops the elbow down and pulls back with the elbow first, slipping through the water and limiting the amount of water the swimmer will hold. What they should do instead is angle the fingers towards the bottom of the pool and pull back in a straight line, with the elbow up and the lat muscles engaged. We focused on the importance of feeling pressure against the water during the pull phase to create propulsion and a strong pull. Here is a video outlining some tips for a strong catch.

This week we will be focusing on backstroke body position and pull. I encourage the swimmers to continue to swim thoughtfully, thinking about each movement they make in the water.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Intermediate Red’s first swimmer of the week, Ashleigh W! Ashleigh listens to feedback carefully and immediately applies it to her swimming, which has resulted in some big improvements. She quietly works hard and attended almost every practice this week. Way to go Ashleigh!

See you at the pool!