For those interested in the Richmond BC Kigoos Summer Swim Club


Here is the UPDATED 2019 Registration Information.  

Please download all the documents below.  The Registration Guide and Frequently Asked Questions, cover many of the questions you will want answered.  HERE is the direct link to online registration.  All swimmers attending the tryout must bring a completed “Try Out Form” to the tryout session.

Individual files:

Registration-Guide (2018) (Word Document)

S / O Sign-off Sheet (2018) (PDF)

 Fees Information (2018) (Word Document)

Parent Participation Opportunities (2018) (Word Document)

Parent Participation Sheet(2018) (Word Document)

Code of Conduct (2019)

Media Release and Waiver Form (2018) (Word Document)

Frequently Asked Questions (2018) (Word Document)

Try Out Form (2018) (PDF)

Age Locator (2018) (PDF)


Current Tsunami swimmers who registered for Fall 2018 will be eligible to register as of Monday, February 18th.

Registration for new Kigoos will open on Friday, March 1st.



Important for this year!

All registration documents are online and DO NOT NEED to be printed out and sent to the Registrar.  Paper documents ONLY include:  Parent Participation Cheque dated August 15, 2019 and a stamped, self-addressed, return envelope if you would like your cheque returned.

NEW registrations may send proof of birthdate via paper copy OR scan and send via email or take a photo of the document and send via email.

Registration volunteers and the environment appreciate your cooperation with this.


All documents are available on the Kigoos website under the registration tab and information is also on the front page of the website with costs for Summer 2019.



Under Additional Purchases there is a space to request t-shirt size for your child. Please be sure to indicate under YOUTH or ADULT size.



If you are registering 3 or more children (this do not apply to Tater Tots), there is a special GROUP for each of the 3rd and 4th child.  This was done to allow for the correct amount to be charged for your registrations.  Please use the 3rd child group or 4th child group when registering 3 or more children. The 3rd and 4th child discounts apply to the youngest.



New families to Kigoos who joined Tsunami for the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 and wish to register for the Summer 2019 will receive a $200 credit towards your fees.  These codes will be emailed to those families. If the code applies to your family, and you do not receive the code, please email the Registrar at: for the code. THIS APPLIES ONLY TO BRAND NEW FAMILIES WHO REGISTRATED FOR FALL 2018.



Please email the registrar for the codes for you to register.  All coaches MUST be registered BY April 30, 2019.



Families registering more than one child will need to use the following discount codes to deduct the additional costs of the fundraising fee.  This is presently the only way to ensure each family only pays the fundraising cost once per family.  If registering more than one child, please enter this code:





It will still charge you a $40 fundraising fee per registration.  Using the code for the number of registrations will give you a discount.  The discounts will be as below:

  • 2 children will discount $20/child so you will only pay $40
  • 3 children will discount $26.66/child so you will only pay $40
  • 4 children will discount $40/child (APPLIES ONLY TO THE FIRST 3 CHILDREN PAYING) so you will only pay $40 as the free child will have the fundraising fee under their name


Tater Tots swimmers will need to use the code:


This will discount the fundraising fee from your registration.

As well, if you only have a tater tot swimmer (no other swimmer child/ren swimming), you do NOT need to complete volunteer hours.


Masters swimmers will need to use the code:


This will discount the fundraising fee from your registration.



Please direct any of the above to the Registrar, Nancy Lemaire at the following email: